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Casino has been established in Brazil since 1999 through its subsidiary, Grupo Pão de Açúcar (GPA), which had a network of 1,640 stores as in 2012. A historic player in Brazilian food retailing, in recent years GPA has improved its position in the sector as it adapted to meet the needs of a population whose standard of living has unquestionably risen.

Although the hypermarkets and supermarkets remain dominant, GPA now has a multi-format, multi-brand portfolio that enables it to appeal to all sections of Brazilian society.

In 2009, GPA acquired Globex, the No 2 in the Brazilian electrical and household appliances segment through its Ponto Frio banner.

A 2010 partnership agreement between Globex and Casas Bahia, the leading non-food retailer in Brazil, enabled GPA to become the undisputed leader in the electrical and household appliances retail sector, with a market share of more than 20%. In 2012, GPA’s consolidated turnover rose to EUR 14,487 million.

GPA’s website : 


GPA is present in the hypermarket format through its Extra stores (110 stores), which offer a wide variety of food and non-food products at competitive prices. The banner stands apart from its competitors in the quality of its customer reception and its retail environment, which is both modern and friendly.

Supermarkets and convenience stores

Pão de Açucar, a supermarket chain with a particularly dense network of stores (149 stores), stocks a wide array of high-quality products while also providing a range of services.

The CompreBem and Sendas chain of supermarkets, also extensive in scope (113 CompreBem stores and 17 Sendas stores), offers products at discount prices targeted to families with limited incomes, and boasts a particularly wide selection of food items.

Extra Supermercado is an urban supermarket chain with a comprehensive product line and an emphasis on fresh foods (bakery, meats, etc.). 

Convenience stores

Extra Facil offers a "neighbourhood grocery" concept, quick and convenient for stops between home and work. The Extra Facil stores are gradually converted in Mini Mercado, the banner’s new concept.

Cash & Carry

Assai, acquired by Casino in 2007, is a cash-and-carry grocery banner designed for trade professionals (retailers, wholesalers, restaurants, etc.) as well as individuals who wish to purchase in large quantities. With the Group’s backing, Assai expanded at a vigorous pace in 2009.


Ponto Frio is the second-largest chain of electronics and home-appliance stores. It is a banner intended for household equipments, which offers a wide assortment of products of household electrical appliances and furniture.

Number 1 in the Brazilian non-food sector, Casas Bahia is the working classes’ go-to brand for home furnishings and appliances. The chain is enjoying strong commercial success thanks to its wide range of low-cost furniture and electrical and household appliances.

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