Founded in 1999 and now a subsidiary of Casino’s e-commerce unit Cnova N.V., Cdiscount has signed up 16 million customers since it was created. One French e-shopper out of three is a Cdiscount customer. Cdiscount’s strength lies in its ability to obtain the right products at the right price, its service quality and its multichannel strategy, which leverages a network of 18,000 pick-up locations, including 2,500 Casino Group stores. Its business model is based on a wide, carefully adjusted offering, speedy market response and highly effective search engine optimisation.

Ranked as one of France’s leading banners in terms of price image, Cdiscount offers more than 100,000 items in around 40 different categories. The company is continuing to diversify its line-up, notably through the development of its C le Marché marketplace, which allows selected partners to offer nearly 10 million additional items.

_19A7458Cdiscount’s stated goal is to offer the best prices for all its products and ensure quality service by making the most of its integrated logistics, backed by more than 200,000 square metres of storage capacity – 110,000 square metres for small packages, 5,000 square metres dedicated to wine in the Bordeaux region and 86,000 square metres for large packages near Saint-Etienne.

Cdiscount’s audience has made it one of the three most visited e-retail sites and allowed its proprietary advertising space broker 3W Régie, which works with such major merchant sites and Priceminister, Vivastreet and Mistergooddeal, to become one of the leading space brokers in France. Cdiscount’s customer relations centre, accessible online, by phone or by post, is the first in the sector to have obtained NF 345 certification from Afnor.


2CdiscountWhen it was founded in 1999, Cdiscount focused initially on cultural products. Very quickly, the online discounter demonstrated its ability to detect new trends, opening its pages to high-tech products in 2000, ready-to-wear apparel in 2002, wine and household appliances in 2004 and automobiles and travel in 2007. Thanks to its continued successful diversification, Cdiscount now features the best offers for an increasingly broad range of products and services. The launch of the C le Marché marketplace in 2011 has expanded the selection even further.


1CDISCOUNTCdiscount has been located in Bordeaux since it was created and today employs more than 1,300 people. Its organisation is based on one of the largest supply chain platforms dedicated to e-retailing in France.
All lightweight items are stored in a 110,000 square-metre area at the supply chain platform in the Cestas Pot au Pin industrial zone. The zone is sited near major communication routes and combines Cdiscount’s logistics capabilities with an ability to process more than 125,000 packages a day. The supply chain base also includes a 5,000 square-metre warehouse dedicated to wine in Blanquefort and 86,000 square meters near Saint-Etienne for storing and distributing heavy and/or bulky items.

Cdiscount is a subsidiary of Casino e-commerce unit Cnova. With business volume of $4.9 billion including tax generated mainly in France and Brazil, Cnova is a major global player in e-commerce thanks to its Cdiscount sites in France, Colombia and Côte d’Ivoire and to, and in Brazil.

Product selection

  • More than 40 categories_19A7287
    • Cultural products (DVDs, video games, music, books, etc.)
    • High-tech (TVs, stereo equipment, photo & video, tablets, telephones, etc.)
    • Information technology (computers, printers, screens, hard disks, network devices, consumables, etc.)
    • Housewares (appliances, furniture, interior decoration, cleaning equipment, etc.)
    • Apparel and accessories (clothing, footwear, sports apparel, bags, jewellery, eyewear, etc.)
    • Personal care and beauty (cosmetics, health and diet aids, skin and hair care, perfumes, etc.)
    • Food (wines and spirits, grocery, candies, etc.)
    • Children (games, toys, infant care, etc.)
    • Services (financing, payments, guarantees, insurance, travel, etc.)


  • C le Marché: the Cdiscount marketplace

C le Marché est unC le Marché is a technical platform that gives selected merchants an opportunity to benefit from an attractive web showcase, with the goal of generating new sales. Partners are selected on the basis of product quality, price positioning and logistics expertise. C le Marché features some ten million offers from 5,000 merchant-partners.


  • Cdiscount Pro

In addition, Cdiscount has deployed a dedicated offering for professionals via Cdiscount Pro, a site that features products for different types of businesses, backed by specific services.

Facts & figures

  • Business volume of €1.6 billion
  • More than 1,300 employees
  • 15,000 square metres of warehouse space in the Bordeaux region and 86,000 square metres near Saint-Etienne for heavy items
  • 900,000 visitors per day, with a peak of 2.5 million on the first day of winter sales
  • 16 million customers
  • 100,000 own items
  • Nearly 10 million offers from partners via C le Marché
  • 30,000 sales per day on average
  • 18,000 delivery locations in France (pick-up outlets, Relais Colis, Mondial Relay, So Colissimo)
  • Of which 2,500 Cdiscount pick-up locations in Casino Group banners
    • In partnership with convenience banners for small packages
    • In hypermarkets, supermarkets, Franprix and Leader Price stores for large packages