The convenience stores are grouped together under five banners: Petit Casino, Leader Price Express, Casino Shop, Vival and Spar. Petit Casino is the Group’s historic convenience store. It projects a friendly image of retailing and offers an extensive range of food products including high-quality fresh produce. The banner is an integral part of local life in urban and suburban areas. Vival, which used to be the activity hub in villages and now present in urban commercial areas is also perceived as a friendly, welcoming banner. Alongside a food offering based on Casino brand products, Vival also offers numerous other practical day-to-day offerings. Spar operates in urban and suburban areas, offering a range of convenience food products as well as services such as photo development, bus tickets, etc.

A key strength of the economic model of these convenience stores is their recognised expertise in franchising. The network comprises more than 5,100 franchised stores, mainly under the Spar and Vival banners.

In 2011, the Group launched the Casino Shop (and its derivative Casino Shopping) banner with curved displays and closed refrigerated display units to save energy. These stores with their extensive range of services have become very popular with customers and will become increasingly common in urban areas.

At year-end 2015, the Group had 415 Casino Shop outlets and 11 Casino Shopping outlets.


In 2014, the banner continued to open franchised stores, convert some Petit Casino stores into Casino Shop stores and renovate the remaining Petit Casino stores under a modernised concept.

The convenience format also includes Leader Price Express, a new concept launched in 2014 which combines both convenience and discount prices. At year-end 2015, the banner had 397 stores.

In 2014, the Group also confirmed its leadership in food supply to service station shops and has supplied more than 1,100 Total service station shops since April 2013.

The Group now operates 6,899 points of sale and continues to expand its network while actively managing its portfolio of stores.