An ally of the energy transition, GreenYellow addresses all needs across the energy management spectrum. Its expertise covers all the factors that go into the consumer’s energy bill: decentralised energy production, guaranteed energy consumption reductions with the Energy Performance Contract (CPE), and energy services, which aim to optimise energy purchasing and consumption monitoring.


15 host countries

> 250 solar farms

> 2,500 CPEs

> 250 MWp of installed capacity

> 1,385,000 sq.m. of installed solar panels

In 2019 : 

> Opening of Solitude, the 16-megawatt solar farm in Mauritius, thereby confirming its position as the number one energy producer in the Indian Ocean region.

> Signing of the 50th power purchase agreement (PPA) in Thailand relating to the installation of solar panels at Makro banner sites with an output of more than 26 megawatts.

> Delivery of the second phase of the Claro Telecom group solar farm project, with 25 megawatts across four solar farms located in various regions of Brazil.

> Completion of the 2.8-megawatt solar farm at El Dorado Airport in Bogotá, Latin America’s third-largest airport.

> Completion of the largest solar farm with the largest production capacity and the highest number of panels in Colombia installed on a commercial building at the Viva Barranquilla shopping centre.

> Launch of the unprecedented project to install solar panels at a total of 91 sites in Greater Saint-Étienne capable of producing more than 20 megawatts.

> New partnership signed with Meridiam and Allego aimed at deploying France’s largest network of fast and ultra-fast electric vehicle charging stations, installed at Casino banner car parks.

> After its first year in business, Reservoir Sun, a joint venture launched with Engie, has won its wager to become the benchmark player in solar for companies and local authorities, with 250 megawatts of projects in development and 100 megawatts secured.