Founded in 1958, the Franprix banner has created an effective network of convenience stores over the years offering a range of products and services targeted to a city-centre clientele.


Franprix has solidified its leadership position with sustained development in Paris and the greater Paris area, its historic base. Since 2004, the banner has moved into France’s other large cities, including Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Aix-en-Provence and Lille.

Essentially located in the Paris region and, more recently, in the centre of large French cities along the Rhône River corridor and the Mediterranean coast, Franprix is a core urban retailer with a full range of food products to meet consumers’ everyday needs.Its loyalty programme has already attracted 2.2 millions members and continues to innovate.

Franprix sells good, simple, affordable products for city dwellers who are returning to buying habits that put a greater emphasis on taste.In addition to a selection of leading national brands, the banner is developing its own brand with a focus on simple, flavourful recipes.

Franprix is strengthening its local network with a new, simpler, brighter concept that highlights fresh products.In its latest on-trend initiative, the banner has set up a food truck where passers-by can try Marché Franprix private-label products. It has also launched Franprix Nano, a small convenience format that is destined to grow rapidly in the years ahead.


Key figures

  • 851 stores
  • Average retail space of 450 square metres