True to its mission to give everyone access to high quality, Leader Price is one of the most banners in France, both in private-label and national brand products, without compromising on customer service.


Leader Price has built a powerful image of quality and choice in the discount market since it was created in 1990. The banner stands out for its balanced selection of more than 4,500 products. Leader Price puts its name on these products, which have laid the foundation for its success. A single-minded, continuous focus on quality and low prices underpins the Leader Price model. For this reason, the banner choses its suppliers from among the leading players in the food industry and requires them to comply with the same strict specifications as for all of their production. The stores offer a wide range of fresh, seasonal products that are delivered daily, with a preference for items made or grown in France.

The selection is both broad and simplified, fulfilling everyday needs without superfluous items, and the outlets are people-sized. These features attract a customer base that appreciates an easy shopping experience, made possible by an innovative retailing concept. The stores are spacious, pleasant and well-lit,and the products are available on well-organised self-service shelves.

Leader Price stores are located in urban areas across France.


Key figures

  • 780 stores
  • Average retail space of between 650 and 1,000 square metres
  • More than 4,500 SKUs, including 3,400 Leader Price products
  • More than 300 national brand products