Located in city centres, the 698 Groupe Monoprix stores cultivate their specific identity to effectively meet the needs of a constantly changing, ultra-urban customer base.The company is enjoying sustained growth and is committed to delivering a continuously refreshed buying experience while locking customers in with a high level of quality.


A historic city-centre retailer, Monoprix offers its customers an innovative and varied range of products and services through six banners. Since opening its first store in Rouen, France in 1932, Monoprix has constantly reinvented itself to reflect changes in city living and shopping habits. It is a creative and committed city-centre citizen and a talented trend spotter. Thanks to its carefully planned geographic coverage, the banner is present in more than 250 French cities. It continues to grow through acquisitions and the development of international franchises, notably in North Africa and the Middle East, with ten store openings in 2013.

A customised banner for each type of shopping need

Monoprix has developed customised store formats to respond effectively to urban consumers’ different lifestyles. This diverse, carefully aligned store base allows Monoprix to demonstrate its difference, making the most of its familiarity with all types of merchandise, from food to leisure and from apparel to home furnishings. The smaller monop’, monop’daily and monop’station formats have taken the banner from the city centre into train stations, airports and motorway service areas.


  • 300 stores in France and 85 in international markets
  • Average retail space of 1,800 square metres

Founded in 1932, Monoprix is a historic city-centre banner present in 85% of French cities with a population of over 50,000.Offering a wide selection of products, with 30,000 SKUs ranging from food to apparel and from cosmetics to housewares, the banner sells a vast line-up of private-label goods that benefit from a powerful image of quality and innovation. Examples include Monoprix Gourmet for food items and Bout’Chou for infant apparel. Monoprix is positioned as a trend spotter and convenience retailer, thanks in particular to its meat, fish and deli counters.It is currently expanding rapidly outside France.


  • 86 stores
  • Average retail space of 300 square metres

The monop’ banner, which was created in 2005, offers basic ready-to-eat items, groceries and fresh products and operates with extended business hours to suit city dwellers. The stores are located close to customers in business districts and residential areas. In an innovative move, new outlets are currently being opened in motorway service areas.


  • 20 stores
  • Average retail space of 75 square metres

Since 2007, monop’daily has offered an extensive range of quick meal solutions in self-service aisles. The outlets include an eating area with stand-up tables, hot-drink dispensers and a microwave oven.


  • 6 stores
  • Average retail space of 140 square metres

The monop’beauty banner created in 2005 is dedicated to cosmetics and personal care products. Always on the lookout for new trends, the banner offers both top-selling products and a selection of more exclusive brands.


  • 10 stores
  • Average retail space of 60 square metres

The latest Group banner, monop’station, started serving travellers in train stations in 2011. Open seven days a week with extended hours, the shops offer snack goods and last-minute food and non-food items.


  • 90 stores
  • Average retail space of 140 square metres

Founded in 1973 and wholly-owned by Groupe Monoprix since 2008, Naturalia was one of France’s first organic food chains. It offers a wide range of fresh products, dry goods, cosmetics and dietary supplements in a line-up that includes 99 private label SKUs. Naturalia is currently in a phase of rapid expansion.


Key figures

  • 21,000 employees
  • 6 banners in France
  • 800,000 customers served each day
  • 698 stores in more than 250 French cities