Education and mobility

Throughout its history, Casino Group has attempted to provide its employees with all the necessary training to accomplish their mission while supporting their professional evolution within the Group.

Since 2008, this active development policy for employees has been translated into a dedicated training facility: Campus. It’s the training centre for the Group, whose mission is to contribute to the development of staff members, support professional evolutions, guarantee the skills adequacy of employees for the Group’s project. Campus oversees all training actions for all staff, in a variety of educational fields: project and team management, personal development, communication, prevention/safety, Business, foreign languages, IT…

Campus is recognised by European and Anglo-Saxon entities. It also offers training programmes in countries where the Group is present: language practice, intercultural awareness…

Internal mobility is one of the key elements of the HR Policy of Casino Group. Its objective is to facilitate staff evolution within the Group and ensure that the Group has the necessary resources to fulfill current and future needs.

A mobility committee, hosted by the Group’s HRD Department and gathering all HR branches, was created in order to encourage horizontal mobility within the Group.

Many tools are made available to all staff to enable them to build their professional project (Job Fairs, HR interviews…)