Our Group spirit

The values we believe in

The Casino Group’s spirit shines through the values that direct everything we do:

  • We are enterprising . We are open to others and listen to new emerging consumer wants and needs. We are creative, enthusiastic, enterprising and keen on innovation, hence broadening our horizons non-stop.
  • We are loyal. We care about people and our environment. We are professional, in touch, and honor our word.
  • We are uncompromising. We are active and professional. We react smartly and suitably to each situation we deal with. We strive for excellence in everything we do.
  • We care. We are committed to the Group and the company’s stakeholders; we value team spirit and cooperation, and show it.

Our Human Resources policy

The Casino Group’s HR and Management policies blaze new trails and embrace local culture everywhere we go.

  • Our policy for professional development and individual talent promotion:
    • Employees to support the function of entrepreneur franchisee
    • Career opportunities and international mobility
    • Offering training in e-learning for different employee profiles
    • The support employees in their draft Validation of Acquired Experience
  • The Group runs its own in-house university : the Casino Campus
  • We have an active youth integration and training policy France :
    • France: “Young Talents” program, map “Espoir Banlieues”, more than 133 000 people less than 30 years.
    • France: partnerships with the Civic Service Agency and the “Business Network for Equal Opportunity in Education” and organizing events for young volunteers and youth in priority neighborhoods01
    • France: agreement with “Pôle Emploi for equal opportunities and signing of the Charter “Entreprises et quartiers” supported by the Ministry of the City to support employment and economic actions in priority neighborhoods.
    • Argentina: first work experience program “Programa Primer Paso” with the government of the province of Córdoba.
    • Brazil: “Primiero Emprego” program (First Job), which is intended for persons over 16 years who have no professional experience, resulting in a job of 10,540 hires.

* Scope excluding Monoprix 
(1) Excluding Via Varejo, Mauritius, Madagascar and Mayotte