Thanks to its diverse array of businesses and professions, the Casino Group offers a wealth of opportunities to students and recent graduates.

For many years we have been helping to train young people and introduce them to the job market, through our trainee and combined work/study programmes and our VIE (Volunteer for International Experience) assignments.

Each business sector, ranging from Sales, Finance, Marketing, Purchasing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Information Systems and Human Resources to Real Estate and Expansion, participates in these efforts. Trainees, apprentices and VIE participants provide a significant source of potential Group employees.

With an eye towards its recruitment of future managers, the Group has for many years played host to interns, under the terms of a training agreement.
Group facilities have established partnerships with schools and universities in order to maintain ongoing ties with students. Each year, in all our lines of work, we host a total of 1,000 interns, who are treated to a truly formative experience!

As early as 1991, the Group innovated in the retail industry by hosting over 100 apprentices.
Currently we have more than 1200 participants in combined work/study programmes. Our policy is to give priority to those training for two-year and advanced technical degrees and vocational degrees, who now account for over half of all those taking part in these programmes.

As the pace of its international expansion intensifies, the Casino Group is offering a growing number of VIE (Volunteer for International Experience) opportunities, nearly 20 every year.

Participants in the VIE programme, who hold advanced degrees in business or engineering, receive assignments lasting from six to 24 months at Casino subsidiaries in Asia and South America. These projects are available primarily in the fields of marketing and purchasing but also in other areas such as administrative auditing, logistics and information systems.

The VIE experience offers a look at a different facet of the Group and often culminates in a job offer.