Nutritional balance

The Group’s health and nutrition approach, initiated in 2005, is based on the experience and expertise acquired by the Group since 1901, when the very first Casino private-label product was created. It was reinforced:

  • in 2008, with the signing of a charter of voluntary nutritional progress commitments with the French Ministry of Health, under the National Health Nutrition Plan (PNNS);
  • in 2010, with the establishment of a Health Committee that meets four times a year to analyse data, the latest scientific trends and consumer expectations in the field of health. The Committee issues recommendations on controversial ingredients such as aspartame, endocrine disruptors, bisphenol and pesticides, and supports the Group in France in its development of special private-label ranges such as poultry raised without antibiotics and frozen fruit and vegetables that are guaranteed to be free of quantified pesticide residues.

The Group’s main initiatives involve:

  • improving private-label products’ nutritional value by reducing their salt, fat or simple sugar content, or substituting certain fats with others offering a better nutritional profile;
  • developing product ranges for specific dietary requirements including gluten intolerance, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, diabetes and weight problems;
  • introducing more legible nutrition labelling to better inform consumers;
  • conducting research into innovative products and production methods;
  • promoting a healthy lifestyle and balanced eating.

Casino Group also offers several product lines meeting the nutritional requirements of its consumers.

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To go further and learn more:

See Chapter 3 of our 2019 Universal Registration Document dedicated to the Group’s CSR policy.