Acting with Foundations

Since its creation, Casino Group has developed a strong corporate culture relying on a spirit of initiative and innovation but also the proximity and solidarity of the most vulnerable populations. The Group’s Foundations oversee and coordinate solidarity actions of brands and their employees, by concentrating their efforts on the treatment of children.

The Casino Corporate Foundation

Created in 2009, the Casino Corporate Foundation focuses its action towards this strong tradition of the Group by making a commitment in favour of child care and against exclusion. Its conviction is based on an observation: social exclusion also means cultural exclusion which must be fought from the youngest age to give all children a chance to succeed. Access to art and culture remains difficult for many of them, as much in rural areas as in urban and suburban areas. However, the artistic and cultural openness rapidly makes the difference between children: among those who are lucky enough to go to heritage and cultural places and those who aren’t.

For this reason Casino has made a choice via its Foundation to promote Theater in education. Its programme “Artists at school” enables around 2 000 students to benefit over two years to benefite from an artistic education.

In parallel, the “Committed sponsors” programme supports associative projects whose objective is to educate children thanks to theater, and sponsored by employees of the Group.

Other initiatives of the Casino Corporate Foundation:

  • mobilisation of the Group’s staff with “Tous en scène” (All on Stage), a fundraising initiative organised in stores throughout the month of June
  • the launch of a programme facilitating civic engagement : a catalogue of fundraising events available to all staff on a dedicated web platform, in partnership with around 30 charities.

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The Éxito Foundation

The first Foundation of the Group was born in Colombia: since 1985, the Éxito Foundation has been committed to improve the lives of children. It is a recognised partner of Colombian government authorities, and it is acting to fight children malnutrition thanks to its Gen Cero programme. Its objective is to ensure that no Colombian children between the ages of 0 and 5 suffer from malnutrition by 2030. Éxito has also played a major role in the creation of a protection Law as regards the treatment of children in Colombia.

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Instituto GPA

In Brazil, the Pão de Açúcar created Instituto GPA in 1995, to facilitate the education and professional integration of young people. It develops different programmes for underprivileged youth. It supports the professional training centre NATA (Núcleo Avançado em Tecnologia de Alimentos) which trains 300 students in fields such as bakery and dairy.

Instituto GPA is recognised for its Musica & Orquestra programme, which enables young people to follow a two-year musical training. The orchestra plays in stores as well as in theatres and festivals, in Brazil and abroad. Over 15 years, more than 13 000 underprivileged youth have benefited from it. Finally, the Instituto continues its partnership with the Getulio Vargas Foundation to deploy its Prosperar programmes of merit-based grants: 30 students are currently taking benefiting from it.

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The Monoprix Corporate Foundation

To extend its involvement in city and town centres, Monoprix created in 2009 the Monoprix Corporate Foundation. Its ambition is to support projects which make the city more open and strengthen solidarity. Since 2009, the Monoprix Foundation has funded over 80 projects, via many charities and it has introduced goods donations in stores and warehouses. The Foundation embodies the values of Monoprix such as relational proximity, friendliness, the living together and solidarity.

Today, the Foundation focuses its action on two areas: on the one hand, access to food, water and emergency supplies, on the other hand, the fight against isolation in cities. A partnership was signed with Unis Cité to support the Intergenerational kindness programme in favor of isolated elderly people. Moreover, during Solidarity week, 720 staff members were given the opportunity to participate in a clothes and toy collection.

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