Acting to help the most needy in society

Casino Group encourages the implementation of solidarity partnerships with public interest charities. For example, it encourages its brands to join forces in order to help food bank networks.

In France, the Group is taking action for the most needy by asking stores to support the French Federation of Food Banks (FFFB). In 2009, Casino Group signed a partnership with the FFFB, renewed in 2016 for a duration of three years. As part of this agreement, the Group, through its brands, is commiting to increase the number of establishments involved in the daily collection of food stuffs, and during the National Collection of Food Banks which takes place in November.

Internationally, GPA which is using the same approach in partnership with charities such as “Amigos do Bem” is organizing each year a big Food Stuff collection Day: “Dia de Solidariedade”. In Argentina, since 2013, Libertad has been supporting the Argentine Food Bank Network (Red Argentina de Bancos de Alimentos) organising collections in store. In Colombia, Grupo Éxito has continued the partnership with local Food Banks over the years. It also supports a recovery programme for agricultural surpluses in rural areas.

In 2017, more than 23 500 tons of products, which is equivalent to 47 million meals (9 million more than in 2016) are taken to Food Bank networks and public interest entities around the world (pick-up and collection).

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