An historical involvement for children

logo+Fondation+CasinoIt aims to prevent cultural and social exclusion by assisting children who are disadvantaged, sick or excluded or have limited access to knowledge, and by fostering their personal and intellectual development.The Casino Group Corporate Foundation was created at the end of 2009. Its mission is to support children’s causes in France and around the world, with a focus on the regions where it operates.

This mission is in line with the Group’s long term commitment to deprived children itself reflected in over 10 years of social and humanitarian actions in this area.

From 2011, the Casino Foundation has established an experimental partnership with the National Education and the Odéon-Théâtre de l’Europe. It confirmed that the theater practiced in schools with the support of artists and professionals presents undeniable advantages for personal development, school re-motivation, social inclusion.

Theater practice thus brings together all the Foundation’s educational concerns: a collective construction allowing children’s individual progress, a rich multidisciplinary approach combining self-expression, artistic creation and technology, and finally, the transmission of language skills, literature and art.

In continuation of the experience gained since its creation, the Foundation Casino now deploys three modes of action:

  • the “Artists at School” program deployed in new academies, including Reunion, Nantes, Bordeaux, Aix-Marseille, Lyon, benefiting more than 1,500 students per year
  • local initiatives sponsored and suggested by employees of Casino Group to support a local project to allow children to access theater practice
  • support the “Tréteaux blancs” association to help develop its device beyond the Île-de-France.

Internationally too, the Group is committed to children through its foundations. All aim to prevent exclusion and is based on a major lever:

  • Child nutrition in Colombia
  • orchestral music in Brazil