With a portfolio of multi-format banners ranging from Géant hypermarkets to Casino Shops to Vival superettes, Casino in France provides a specific, quality response to each type of customer and shopping need.



Casino’s offer in France is based on a tight-knit network of several banners, each with its own unique, powerful and synergistic identity. Each Casino banner benefits from a specific, differentiated positioning to meet clearly identified consumer needs. Backed by this broad, diversified portfolio, Casino deploys its net in France work of more than 10,500 stores by adapting the outlets closely to different customer typologies, local lifestyles and the surrounding urban, suburban or rural environment.

This focus on carefully aligning each store is reflected in modular selections, services, business hours, layouts and decoration. The Group also implements appropriate multi-channel solutions and innovates constantly, with the development, for example, of new sales concepts, new products and services and dedicated sections.

Convenience in all formats

As both leader and benchmark player in the convenience market, Casino in France has made convenience an integral part of its product and service strategy.Backed by its historic know-how in this area, Casino has successfully anticipated and supported emerging expectations over the past decade with solutions that help shoppers save time in a friendly, people-oriented environment with a focus on authentic products, buying pleasure and guaranteed low prices.At Casino, convenience transcends the concept of format and applies to all stores, no matter what their size.

Once a symbol of mass consumption, the hypermarket format has changed significantly in recent years.The Group anticipated this trend by initiating an in-depth transformation of its Géant Casino stores to create people-sized hypermarkets that nurture a close customer relationship and guarantee low prices for staple goods.

With Casino Supermarchés, the Group has a large network of supermarkets covering all of France.Perfectly integrated on a social, architectural and environmental level, the stores stand out for the quality and presentation of their fresh product offering and their friendly service.

Casino’s rural and urban convenience stores are part of the French landscape.With their welcoming atmosphere and helpful service, they have continuously adapted to consumers’ changing needs and expectations.

The Casino brand, a key component of the Group’s identity

A major strength in a stagnant demand environment, private labels contribute directly to the performance of all of the Group’s banners, in terms of both sales and operating margin.The highly popular Casino brand represents more than two million products sold each day in France in 7,000 sales outlets.Innovating to enhance quality and taste has been a core component of the brand’s DNA since it was launched in 1901. This focus continues today through Casino’s responsible commitments and exclusive products.In particular, the brand has taken an assertive approach to deliver more nutritionally balanced food products by reducing fat, sugar and salt content, replacing certain ingredients and promoting natural foods.As part of this approach, more than 2,000 recipes have been updated over the past few years.