GreenYellow, the subsidiary of the  Casino Group specialized in energy, has a global expertise on each level of an energy bill. Our solutions are focused on addressing a twofold challenge : economic as well environmental. They are meant to turn the energy transition into a shared value.

Proven expertise in solar production

Founded in 2007, the company installed its first solar plant on the rooftop of a shopping center the following year. GreenYellow developed, built and operated 115 solar plants on rooftops and parking lots, on sites belonging to the Casino Group as well as to various owners (industrial companies, local communities, retailers …), both in France and abroad. As such, GreenYellow built the largest Colombian solar plant on the rooftop of the Exito Panorama store in Baranquilla. Its 6,300 m² of solar panels produce 780 MWh per year, which represents 24% of site electricity consumption.

In ten years, GreenYellow has become the leading French company on public access buildings segment. Since 2014, the company has been a pioneer in auto-consumption and won more than 25% of the projects selected by the Ministry. GreenYellow is also developing ground mounted solar and several projects are under construction in southern France, Madagascar, Mauritius and Colombia.

Expert in energy efficiency

The second area of ​​GreenYellow expertise is Energy Efficiency. With the Energy Performance Contract (EPC), GreenYellow offers an innovative solution: guarantee of optimazing consumption with net gains from the first year and without client’s investments. Indeed, the implementation of Energy Efficiency solutions is fully fuded by energy savings. Plus, GreenYellow guarantees this performance in long-term, thanks to the consumption tracking and energy monitoring throughout the duration of the contract (8 years).

The 4 steps of EPC deployment:

  1. Audit: Identification of the potential energy savings
  2. Design: Definition and study of the actions (costs and gains)
  3. Integration: Implementation of the solutions
  4. Guarantee: Energy monitoring by a dedicated team

With more than 900 EPC operated (40% out of France), including Casino Group’s stores and warehouses, GreenYellow has acquired significant expertise in retail sector and multi-site processing.

An energy purchasing specialist

Energy optimization services are the third component of GreenYellow offer. These allow reducing the energy bill of a site in complementary way to the Energy Efficiency actions, thanks to 4 services:

  • Purchasing
  • Optimizing contracts
  • Monitoring: monitoring of consumption
  • Energy reporting

Today, GreenYellow manages more than 5,000 delivery points (gas and electricity).

Key figures

Thanks to the know-how of its 200 employees who operate from France and internationally (Brazil, Colombia, Thailand, Indian Ocean, Morocco, Senegal and Spain), GreenYellow generates:

  • 900 EPC (40% out of France)
  • 436 GWh saving and guaranteed
  • More than 600 sites certified ISO 50.001
  • 115 solar plants (construction, operation)
  • 600 000m² photovoltaic plants developed
  • More than 120 MWc installed capacity
  • 5 000 delivery points (gas and electricity)
  • 180M€ of energy purchased