Financial services

Banque Casino

Banque Casino is a financial entity created in 2001, which has capitalized on Group Casino’s long-standing retail background and on the financial solidity of Credit Mutuel CIC to become the neobank of the customers, which offers them a wide choice of credit cards, easy terms of payment and fully accessible on-line insurance.

In a few years, Banque Casino became the leader of payment solutions and the essential partner of e-commerce companies and points of sale, for which it develops custom-made services such as payment by instalment: the CB3X and CB4X (payment in three and four instalments).

Since 2016, the partnership with Cdiscount enables Banque Casino to create new products and services for the general public which make customers’ lives easier. Therefore, the Cdiscount card is one of the most advantageous of the market and Coup de Pouce, Banque Casino’s immediate mini-loan, became within one year one of its flagship products. Also, Banque Casino was the first to offer the innovation of subscribing to a loan or an insurance by a simple electronic signature and depositing written proof on-line.

A few figures on Banque Casino: 

  • 3 million customers in the portfolio
  • 1.7 billion credit production
  • 150.000 new cards per year 
  • 60 e-commerce partners ​