Represented by its branch, Grupo Éxito, Casino Group has been present in Colombia since 1999. First distributor in the country, Grupo Éxito benefits from a multiformat and multi-channel model to support the growth in this sector. From new premium stores Carulla FreshMarket dedicated to responsible consumption to the the discount aisles of Surtimayorista, these brands are constantly innovating to fulfill the demands of consumers.

First distributor and first private employer in Colombia, Grupo Exito is well-established in Colombian society, with over 40 000 employees and over 2000 stores.


Grupo Éxito is speaking to its target audience with Éxito, a brand which includes hypermarkets, supermarkets, but also convenience stores. Éxito has a very strong reputation and its business offer is adapted to the needs of all types of consumers in Colombian society.

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  • Number of stores : 263
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The premium supermarket brand, Carulla offers a wide range of food products and customer service. For example, the new artisan bakery of Carulla, developed by an expert French pastry chef from Géant Casino is a big hit in all the stores where it was introduced.

Carulla Freshmarket

Inaugurated in 2017, the brand Carulla FreshMarket is dedicated to responsible consumption. Embodying both well-being trends and environmental awareness, it includes local products, fresh fruit and vegetables from the countryside or even organic products.

The creation of this new brand is the product of all the best practices implemented by the brands of Casino Group across France and Latin America.

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  • Number of stores : 1 (3 new openings in 2018)

Super Inter

Specialized in fresh products since 1992, Super Inter’s customers can enjoy its real know-how and best practices when it comes to fruits and vegetables as well as fresh meat.

  • Discount supermarket
  • Number of stores : 71 stores


Surtimax is the discount brand for Grupo Éxito.


The Cash and carry brand (wholesaler), Surtimayorista is designed for private individuals as well as professionals and wholesalers. The cash & carry format, introduced in Colombia in 2016, in directly inspired by the model and success of Assaí stores in Brazil, which are also brands of Casino Group. Businesses and families can benefit from wholesale purchases at low prices.