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A partner of companies and local authorities implementing energy transition, GreenYellow addresses all needs across the energy management spectrum. Its expertise covers all components of the consumer’s energy bill: decentralised energy production, guaranteed energy consumption reductions with the Energy Performance Contract (CPE), and energy services, which aim to optimise energy purchasing and consumption monitoring. 


> 16 host countries

> 300 solar power plants

> 3,000 CPEs

> 335 MWp of installed capacity 

> 1,700,000 sq.m of installed solar panels

In 2020 : 

> Solar power facility installed at the Magny-Cours car racing circuit, with solar canopies in car parks totalling 4.77 MWp of power and 28,000 sq.m of solar panels. 

> 100 MWp in solar power projects signed in under four years by GreenYellow Asia. 

> Delivery of three solar power plants to the Brazilian group Magazine Luiza to supply green energy to 214 stores.

> New high-potential facility in South Africa.

> Installation of one of Colombia’s largest solar farms (12 MWp) in Planeta Rica, Colombia.

> Refinancing of Madagascar’s largest solar plant, Ambatolampy, to speed up the country’s energy transition.