Specialized in energy issues, the branch of Casino Group, GreenYellow, has a cross-functional expertise, both ecological and economic, which enables it to offer its public and private customers a wide range of solutions to produce and manage their energy, while creating value.

Created in 2007, the company counts over 300 employees who operate across the world in Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Indian Ocean area.

True to its pioneering spirit, GreenYellow has become an electricity provider for private individuals in 2017.

In 2018, GreenYellow and Engie created a new common unit specializing in the development of solar projects. The venture, called Reservoir Sun, focuses on “self-consumption” of solar power, with companies and local authorities generating their own electricity.

The main domains of expertise of GreenYellow are:

  • the production of decentralized energy, for example through the integration of solar panels on roofs and car parks on sites which use a lot of energy.
  • a lasting reduction and guarantee of energy consumptions (energy efficiency).
  • the purchase of energy, follow-up and consumption monitoring via Energy Services.
  • Since June 2017, the energy supply to private individuals.

Proven expertise in the field of solar panel production

GreenYellow has developed, built and operated over 150 power plants, on sites belonging to Casino Group or different owners (industrialists, communities, business entities…), in France and internationally.

GreenYellow therefore built the biggest solar plant in Colombia on the roof of the Éxito Panorama store of Baranquilla ; with its 6 300 m² of solar panels producing 780 MWh per year, which represents 24% of the electricity consumption of the site.

Over 10 years, GreenYellow has become the number 1 provider in French establishments (ERPs) and it has been differentiating itself since 2014 as a pioneer as regards auto-consumption, by taking over, for example, more than 25% of the projects selected by the Ministry of Ecology. GreenYellow is also developing solar plants on the ground.

Expert in energy efficiency

Thanks to the energy performance contract (CPE), GreenYellow offers an innovative solution with an energy-saving guarantee without investment from the client and with net gains from the first year. The implementations of solutions for energy efficiency are fully funded by energy savings and GreenYellow guarantees this performance over time (for the 8 years of the CPE) thanks to consumption monitoring, which is paramount to the respect of this commitment.
More than 1500 CPEs are currently used by the company.

Spécialist in energy purchasing

The third component of the GreenYellow offer is made of all energy services. They help reduce the energy bill of a site alongside all actions for Energy Efficiency.
Today, GreenYellow manages a portfolio of over 5 000 points of consumption.

Alternative energy supplier in France

GreenYellow is the first actor in the large distribution sector to democratize energy for all households. Ever since June 2017, the company is putting its know-how and capacity to innovate in the service of private individuals. 2 offers were launched and they fulfill the energy needs of the French:

  • The cheapest offer on the market with Cdiscount Energy: electricity 15% less expensive (1) compared to current EDF rates.
  • The most comprehensive offer on the current market (compared to EDF), with 100% green energy (2) and a connected Pack (3) to monitor consumption in real time.