The Group is actively committed to improving the physical and mental health and safety of its employees, based on three principles:

  • improving the systems implemented for Group employees by deploying prevention training on safety in stores, gestures and postures, etc.;
  • improving the quality of life at work and the well-being of employees;
  • promoting awareness campaigns and screening on major public health issues in the Group’s host countries.

Prevention training on safety at work

To improve health and safety systems, the Group set up an employee feedback programme several years ago in France. Its aim was to prevent occupational risks by allowing workers to voice their concerns about working conditions.

The risk prevention policy is set with the trade unions and within the framework of agreements specifying the objectives, the means of action and expected results for the prevention of psychosocial risks, health and safety in the workplace, and the prevention of arduous work.

Outside France, GPA and Éxito implement workplace accident prevention plans to identify major risks in the workplace as early as possible.

Improving well-being at work

To improve the quality of life at work and the well-being of employees, action plans are rolled out in all Group entities.

In France, the Human Resources department initiated an awareness and training programme on caring management practices in 2014, with the support of the Executive Committee and the assistance of Dr Philippe Rodet, a medical expert in workplace well-being. The programme is designed to increase employee motivation by reducing workplace stress. These initiatives helped to raise the awareness of 4,200 managers through presentations by outside consultants. A network of workplace well-being experts was established in 2015 to identify employees who might be experiencing difficulties, build relationships and direct them to the people who are best placed to help them. Finally, a “Caring Management Practices” module has been added to the “Trade and Retail” masters’ programme at Jean Monnet University in Saint-Étienne.

The Group has implemented a telecommuting system to provide flexibility in the work organisation of some employees. An agreement on telecommuting has been established within Casino IT teams and administrative teams on the Vitry site.

Outside France, Éxito continued its “tiempo para ti” programme for all staff in 2016, with the aim of promoting a balance between professional and personal/family life. It offers flexible hours, as well as days of leave for personal or family activities or for graduations. More than 12,530 days have been used, benefiting over 20,300 employees. Since 2015, Éxito has measured the psychosocial risks to which employees may be exposed and introduced a pilot telecommuting programme for employees on administrative sites. Its aim is to contribute to a better work-life balance.

Promoting awareness campaigns on major public health issues

The Group organises information days to raise employee awareness about major public health issues. Casino has ushered in “at the heart of health” days during which employees of head offices, stores or warehouses meet with health professionals (doctors, nurses, dieticians, specialists on smoking addiction, etc.), participate in workshops (giving up smoking, nutrition, heart care, etc.), have blood tests (cholesterol, blood sugar, etc.) and receive individual support based on the test results. Other awareness-raising days were organised in 2016 to address the risk of diabetes, a major public health issue in France, with a medical team and the Health, Safety and Working Conditions department. Employees were able to assess their predisposition to diabetes, and ask questions to members of the French Federation of Diabetics. Casino is also the first player to get French Federation of Diabetics food security approval for its range of sugar-free products.

Outside France, GPA continues to deploy health and nutritional awareness campaigns for its employees in its warehouses and at head office. A rehabilitation centre was also opened in 2016. It welcomes people on sick leave, offering them support from doctors, physiotherapists and other practitioners in their convalescence, and helping ease them back into the company.