Employees aged under 30 accounted for 39% of the Group’s workforce.

To fight against stereotypes, a guide book entitled “Changing our perception of young people” is handed out to all employees to help them unravel preconceptions about young people and encourage intergenerational dialogue.

In France, Casino and Cdiscount are implementing agreements aimed at establishing intergenerational initiatives targeting young people aged under 26 and older employees. The Casino transmission of knowledge agreement sets a minimum percentage for the hiring of young people and older employees, the retention of a given percentage of young people under the age of 26 and a dedicated orientation programme called “C Duo Génération”, which assigns a mentor to facilitate the onboarding of young employees, as well as housing assistance for work/study trainees.

The Group’s commitment to young people is reflected in an active policy of promoting work/study solutions. The Group employs more than 2,400 work/study trainees in France.

The Group also undertakes specific initiatives to help young people, particularly those who are poorly qualified or from underprivileged backgrounds, with a view to facilitating their professional integration. The Casino Group has pledged to recruit within a store’s immediate employment area and to promote local employment. In 1993, it signed a national partnership agreement with the Ministry for Urban Development, renewed in 2013, and a convention with local missions and the Ministry’s Businesses and Neighbourhoods Charter. In 2016, the Group hired 1,066 employees from underprivileged neighbourhoods under permanent or fixed-term contracts, 450 interns and 103 work/study programme participants.

The Group has forged several partnerships to support young people, with bodies including the Civic Service Agency, l’Institut de l’Engagement and the Business Network for Equal Opportunity in Education, and the NGOs Nos Quartiers ont du Talent and Talents des Cités.

In 2016, the Casino Group and its banners organised the third edition of “Cap sur le Groupe Casino”, an initiative promoting vocational guidance for secondary school students in priority education zones, which gave nearly 190 such students an introduction to the Group’s businesses.

Outside France, GPA employs more than 2,440 apprentices. In 2016, Grupo Éxito rolled out the Colombian Labour Ministry’s “40,000 first jobs” programme, which aims to break down the barriers to youth employment. Its purpose is to enable young people aged 18 to 28 to gain their first work experience in private companies. Éxito also participated in numerous academic forums.