The Casino Group is actively engaged throughout the year in efforts to promote its CSR policy.

Some dates that marked previous years :


First agreement with the Ministry of the Town


First agreement on the employment of disabled people


Casino joins the Social Clause Initiative of the Federation of Commerce and Retailing


  • First Handipacte agreement
  • Launch of the Casino Bio range


Creation of the EMCD suppliers ethical charter, the Casino Group’s sustainable development charter and the Sustainable Development Department


Publication of the company’s environmental policy


  • Signing of the “diversity in the company” charter
  • First carbon assessment of the retailing businesses, catering and logistics in France


  • Group agreements on gender equality, the fight against discrimination and the promotion of diversity
  • Launch of the nutrition programme


  • Creation of the group’s Diversity Committee
  • Launch of the initiative for the prevention of occupational risks, “Set course for safety!”
  • New Handipacte agreement for 2006/2010 period


  • Casino one of the founders of “Enterprises for Human Rights”
  • Launch of environmental labelling for Casino products


  • Signing of the “Hope in the Suburbs” plan
  • Charter of commitment to nutritional progress
  • Publication of first volontary testing results


  • Signatory of the UN Global Compact
  • National agreement with the Food Banks
  • Casino obtains the Diversity Label
  • Group agreement about older people
  • Creation of the Casino Group’s Enterprise Foundation


  • The company’s CSR Department established
  • Signing of the fifth Handipacte agreement (10.7% of disabled workers in Casino subsidiaries are covered by the agreement)
  • Launch of the Mercialys Label V
  • Creation of the City Green brand that groups together all the group’s clean and silent vehicles


  • Negotiations about a group agreement on gender equality
  • Establishment of «C’ Avec Elles » the network of the company’s male and female managers
  • Signing of the charter valuing civic service
  • Launch of the environmental multicriteria labelling


  • Casino awarded ESSEC’s Grand Prize for Responsible Distribution
  • Renewal of the Group’s Diversity Label for 4 years
  • Franprix is the first food retailer to use the Seine to deliver stores in the heart of Paris
  • The Group wins the Disabled Adults and Youth association Trophy
  • The Group recognized for its social innovation policy with the Human Capital Trophy
  • The Casino Group has been selected for inclusion in the “Dow Jones Sustainability Index” extra financial index world and Europe.


  • Casino gets the Equal opportunity label and makes commitments over 3 years
  • Casino group receives the “CSR challenges” Trophy for the environmental index
  • Casino received the “Human Capital Trophy” in the “Youth Employment” category
  • Casino banners decided to stop the marketing of fish from deep-sea fishing (Sabre and Grenadier)
  • Rounding in the Fund is established for the first time in France by Franprix
  • The Group has been selected for inclusion in the index Vigeo Eurozone Euronext 120
  • Exito has been selected for inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index in the category of “emerging countries”


  • The Group received the 2014 Essec Responsible retailing Grand Prix
  • Casino Corporate Foundation celebrates five years of fight against cultural exclusion
  • Casino signs agreement on Corporate Social Responsibility with unions
  • Casino group publishes manager’s guide to preventing appearance discrimination


  • The Group celebrates its 20th anniversary of commitment for disabled workers.
  • The Group signs ILO (International Labor Organisation) Business Charter on disability.
  • Publication of managerial guidelines « Gender equality : how to fight day-to-day sexism »
  • More than 2000 managers trained through the “Caring Management” programme ; creation of a “benevolents” network within the Group


  • In 2016, the Group adopted the Women’s Empowerment Principles backed by UN Women, and joined forces with France’s National Committee by signing an agreement to support the actions and awareness campaigns of this international organization.
  • In France, a “Tour de France of Diversity” was organised in 2016, for the first time. Discussions facilitated by an external expert took place in the Group’s stores, restaurants and warehouses, bringing together the Group’s diversity teams, managers and employees.
  • To reduce consumers’ exposure to pesticides and antibiotics, Casino launched the “Agriplus” programme in 2016. At the end of 2016, the approach offered: frozen vegetable SKUs without pesticide residue, poultry products from animals raised without antibiotics and pork raised without antibiotics.