The Group’s CSR department began rolling out a continuous improvement programme in France and abroad in 2011 in coordination with the various subsidiary CSR departments. This programme is based on the principles and scope laid out in the ISO 26000 standard.

The Group’s CSR policy is underpinned by an organisation and governance structure that permit Management involvement at all levels of the Group.

The Board of Directors’ Governance Committee is responsible for reviewing the Group CSR policy as well as the related challenges, action plans and achievements.

The 2016 introduction of the Group CSR policy was the subject of a presentation to the Board of Directors on 6 March 2017.

The CSR Strategy Committee was set up in 2010 to validate the Group’s CSR commitments, in alignment with the principles of the Global Compact and the scope of the ISO 26000 standard, and to monitor implementation in the various Group entities. Made up of 12 members, eight of whom sit on the Executive Committee, the Committee met three times in 2016. A network of CSR correspondents, led by the Group CSR department, is in place in subsidiaries around the world. In France, this network is supported by Diversity Outreach Correspondents.

The following committees also assist in deploying the CSR policy:

• Human Resources Steering Committee;

• Scientific Committee on Nutrition and Health;

• Quality Committee for France;

• CSR committees within Casino and Monoprix in France as well as GPA, Grupo Éxito and Libertad internationally.