The Casino Corporate Foundation helps children in need by liaising with the Group’s three other foundations – Instituto GPA in Brazil, the Éxito Foundation in Colombia and the Monoprix Foundation in France.

Supporting disadvantaged youth

In France and Brazil, the Casino Group supports disadvantaged young people by setting up education programmes through its various foundations.

Created in 2009, the Casino Corporate Foundation is committed to combating exclusion by supporting the education of children through theatre, a medium that promotes artistic and collective experience, self-expression and the discovery of others.

It has developed two major theatre-based programmes:

  • the “Artistes à l’école” programme, in partnership with France’s Ministry of National Education and the Théâtre de l’Odéon, has provided backing for a two-year comprehensive artistic and cultural education curriculum for around 2,000 children: introduction to theatre, insight into theatrical professions, drama and writing workshops, stage productions, etc.

Projects are selected by a committee comprising members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, as well as artistic and educational experts. The first two-year programme ended in June 2016, and the winning troupe of students was invited by the Foundation to present its production at the Théâtre de l’Odéon in an evening event bringing together students, teachers and artists, as well as Group employees;

Further details about the “Artistes à l’école” programme

  • the “Parrains engagés” programme, which supports charitable projects aiming to teach children through drama. Priority is given to projects put forward and sponsored by Group employees. Support is given to ten projects every year, selected by a committee composed of Group employees. In 2016, the programme’s main beneficiaries were children living in rural areas with little access to culture.

Further details about the “Parrains engagés” programme

The Casino Foundation encourages its employees to get involved in its theatre initiative by creating “Tous en scène”, a national outreach programme launched in Casino, Franprix and Leader Price stores, as well as restaurants, warehouses and offices.

Thanks to the involvement of more than 5,500 stores, funds were raised for “Apprentis d’Auteuil” and “Tréteaux Blancs” to develop new theatre projects for children with little access to culture.

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Instituto GPA develops educational programmes in Brazil to help young people from low-income backgrounds enter the workforce. In partnership with the government of Rio de Janeiro, it also supports the Núcleo Avançado em Tecnologia de Alimentos (NATA) professional training centre, where more than 300 students from low-income families can be trained for jobs in the baking and dairy sectors. In 2016, six students, took part in an exchange with France.

In addition, Instituto GPA is recognised for its music education programme, “Música & Orquestra”, which was set up in 1999 and in 15 years has taught 13,000 disadvantaged children aged 10 to 18. The programme proposes free music theory lessons and practical classes to young people from underprivileged backgrounds over roughly two years. The orchestra performs in stores as well as in theatres and at festivals in Brazil and abroad. Lastly, Instituto GPA is continuing its partnership with the Getulio Vargas Foundation to deploy the “Prosperar” programme, which grants merit-based scholarships. Thirty students benefit from this programme.

Encouraging employees’ civic commitments

Following an internal investigation confirming employees’ desire to volunteer with charitable associations, and firmly believing that employees’ civic commitment is a source of fulfilment and skills development, the Casino Foundation launched a volunteer skills programme under the name “Citizen Engagement” in 2016. This support system includes a catalogue of volunteer opportunities to work with 30 organisations partnering with the Casino Foundation; it is available for employees on a dedicated website. This system has already helped recruit a hundred volunteers as part of the annual collection by food banks.

Fighting social isolation

The Monoprix Foundation focuses its action on providing access to food and other basic necessities and combating social isolation in cities. More than 20 charity projects were funded in 2016. The Foundation formed a three-year partnership with Unis-Cité to support the “Intergénéreux” programme to protect the elderly from social isolation. Young people on civic service volunteer in teams in retirement homes or private homes, making friendly visits, offering outings and allowing the elderly to share their personal stories. Fifteen stores and a warehouse are involved in solidarity initiatives as part of this programme. Finally, solidarity week gave more than 720 employees the chance to participate in a clothing and toy drive.

Fighting child malnutrition

The Éxito Foundation in Colombia has developed expertise recognised by stakeholders in the fight against child malnutrition. It takes action through its “Gen Cero” programme, which aims to ensure that no Colombian child under five suffers from malnutrition by 2030. Through the establishment of partnerships with major Colombian public bodies, it provides support to ensure a healthy and balanced diet for children and mothers from disadvantaged backgrounds, to educate them about better nutrition.

In 2016, roughly €5 million was invested in programmes reaching more than 38,920 children. Éxito played a leading role in the drafting the early childhood protection law in Colombia (Ley Integral Atencióna Primera Infancia, the Comprehensive Early Childhood Care Act).

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