Managing talent and ensuring employees’ professional development

Since its very beginnings, Casino has been committed to providing career growth opportunities for its employees. It sees this as a way of bolstering its operating performance.

The diversity of the Group’s businesses, its international reach and the multi-format nature of its banners offer employees many opportunities for mobility and career development.

Internal mobility is a priority for the Casino Group, and one of the key planks of its human resources policy. By way of example, Casino aims to fill 50% of management positions through internal promotions.

The mobility policy has two major objectives:

  • facilitate employee development within the Group;
  • ensure that the Group has adequate resources to meet its current and future needs.

Several systems are in place within the Group:

  • performance appraisals and/or professional interviews;
  • career and mobility committees tasked with identifying needs and facilitating internal mobility;
  • succession plans serving to establish individualised learning paths;
  • programmes for high-potential employees, including, at the Group level, the “Young International Talents” programme, in France, the “Talent Pool.”

Training employees to promote employability

Training is one of the key pillars of employee development and employability.

In line with Group targets, the Human Resources departments of each subsidiary offer training plans to facilitate professional development and career paths, and to oversee the integration of new employees. These training plans are designed to dovetail with changing needs in terms of jobs and skills, employee expectations expressed at annual appraisals, change in the organisation and legal and regulatory obligations.

In France, the Group signed its first strategic workforce planning (SWP) agreement in 2008. A new agreement was negotiated in 2016.

The Group offers a wide range of training programmes through its “Casino Campus” in-house training body, in the form of both classroom sessions and e-learning modules (available on the My Campus platform) designed to address the full range of the Group’s needs with respect to employee skills development in the fields of retailing jobs, the acquisition of technical skills and management.

In France, more than 41,600 employees received training (Casino, Monoprix, Franprix, Leader Price, Cdiscount and Vindémia) in 2016.

The Group’s international subsidiaries have also created special training departments to handle the deployment of initial training right after the employee’s induction and on-the-job training linked to career promotions. A number of banners have their own in house training centres. Assaí has a corporate university that offers courses focusing on the “cash & carry” segment. It trained 36,000 people in 2016. Multivarejo trained over 3,000 managers in leadership in 2016. In Colombia, Éxito is very active in training its employees. It has more than a hundred training programmes for all employee categories at its headquarters and in individual stores. Éxito has several “training schools” specific to different careers in retailing and its various banners, each of which has its own personality.