In partnership with national and local associations, and to support socially excluded people, the Group’s stores and warehouses organise non-food donation and collection operations. The Group also calls on its suppliers to conduct product-sharing operations on behalf of local and national partner associations.

In France, demonstrating its commitment to meeting a wide range of needs, the Group continued to support a number of non-profit associations through its banners in France in 2016. The list of included Secours Populaire, the French Red Cross, Apprentis d’Auteuil, Agence du Don en Nature, Emmaüs, Téléthon, Sport dans la Ville and Handi’Chien.

In 2011, the Casino Group initiated a partnership with microDon, a social economy enterprise, deploying the “Arrondi en caisse” programme at Franprix stores in 2014 and Naturalia stores in 2016. This system gives customers the chance to round up their payment to the next euro. The extra amount is donated to a charity. MicroDon card campaigns were also carried out at more than 100 Monoprix stores between September and December 2016 to support local organisations. For Christmas, the company sold “solidarity comforters” for Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque.

The banners support associations through product-sharing operations with suppliers, which serve to fund solidarity initiatives or which entail donating a certain amount of products based on sales during the operation, which is very popular in stores.

In 2016, the Casino Group and Danone joined forces with the organisation “Sport dans la Ville” to help young people from low-income neighbourhoods. Organised in September 2016 in all Group companies in France, the “From sport to job” operation provided financial support to the Sport dans la Ville to prepare 1,000 young women for the job market. The partnership has been renewed for 2017.

Outside France, reflecting the diversity of banners and needs and the Group’s engagement with the community, numerous outreach programmes were rolled out by all banners. On top of its food donation activities, GPA established a “round up” at the checkout system in 90 stores in March 2016.

In Brazil, the Extra brand promotes exchanges between stores and local communities through initiatives in favour of training and employment for young people or through the combination of cultural activities in the store. The “Viva Bairro” programme set up by Extra serves to foster a commitment among local communities to social or environmental issues related to their store located in the region.

Similarly, Libertad’s outreach programme “Donemos sonrisas” supports local children’s aid initiatives through in-store collections. More than ten foundations and organisations receive funding every year. In Colombia, the “Goticas” programme, deployed for several years, allows customers of Éxito stores to make a donation to fight against child malnutrition when they go through the checkout.