The CSR Programme & rating

The Casino Group’s CSR programme helps to create and strengthen sustainable, trust-based relationships with employees, customers, suppliers and all other stakeholders, while respecting each host country’s culture and local practices.

Embedded in all Group activities, CSR priorities act as a driver for employee motivation. They are designed to improve the Group’s social, human resources and environmental impact and thereby enhance its financial performance.

The Casino Group’s CSR programme covers 15 priorities based on five responsibilities.

Dialogue with partner organizations, NGOs and associations

For many years now, the Group has maintained regular, constructive dialogue with local and national stakeholders in all its host countries. The focus is on open, productive dialogue, with a view to developing or co-creating innovative projects and partnerships. Dialogue takes place through various means depending on the stakeholders, at both the entity and the Group level.

At the Group level, stakeholders are invited to participate in CSR Strategy Committee meetings on key issues in an effort to create a more structured dialogue and a better understanding of their expectations.

The Casino Group takes part in the work of the ILO Global Business and Disability Network, of which it is a founding member, as well as France’s Initiative Clause Sociale (ICS) fair trade initiative, and industry human rights association Entreprises pour les Droits de l’Homme. It also participates in the Consumer Goods Forum. The Group also parters with TFT Earth, an association which goal is to transform supply chain in order to protect the forests.

In France, the Group is a member of various specialist associations such as CSR watchdog Observatoire de la Responsabilité Sociétale des Entreprises (ORSE), the French Association for the ILO (AFOIT), Global Compact France, UN Women France, working parents observatory Observatoire de la Parentalité, equal opportunity education network Réseau National des Entreprises au Service de l’Égalité des Chances dans l’Éducation and anti-exclusion foundation Fondation Agir Contre l’Exclusion. For environmental challenges, the Group works with eco-design and lifecycle management unit Pôle Éco-Conception et Management du Cycle de Vie, retail association Perifem, and environmental bodies such as Éco-Systèmes, Éco-Emballage, Corepile, and Recylum.

The international subsidiaries also foster dialogue with stakeholders. In Brazil, GPA is a member of the Ethos Institute, an industry CSR association, and supports the work of the Akatu Institute, which conducts information and engagement initiatives on responsible consumption. GPA also works with Compromisso Empresarial Para Reciclagem (CEMPRE), an industry association that seeks to encourage waste reduction, reuse and recycling, and is a member of Grupo de Trabalho para Pecuaria Sustentavel (GTPS), a sustainable livestock working group and of Global Compact. In Argentina, Libertad supports the national CSR institute IARSE. And in Colombia, Éxito works with various national stakeholders including the regulatory authority, Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio (SIC), the national apprenticeship service, SENA and international organizations such as TFA 2020, the Consumer Good Forum, WWF and BanCO2.

In 2017, the Casino Group took part in several NGOs’ investigations and answered many questionnaires on issues such as responsible fishing, animal welfare or planned obsolescence.

Duty of Care

The March 27, 2017 French law establishes a duty of care for parent companies and ordering companies.

As part of its ethical commitments, Group Casino has put in place an alert mechanism that collects reporting of existing or actual risks to human rights and fundamental freedoms, serious bodily injury or environmental damage or health risks resulting directly or indirectly from the operations of the company and of the companies it controls.
All matters relating to the above law can be reported to Group Casino using the following email address :

CSR Ratings

Casino conducts a regular dialogue with the players involved in socially responsible investment (rating agencies, socially responsible investment funds). It regularly takes part in SRI road shows and, to promote transparency, it responds to the questionnaires of the rating agencies.

In 2017, the Casino Group share is included in the following SRI indices: