An unrivalled advantage

Own brands directly contribute to every Group format’s performance – i.e. sales and operating margins. This gives us a substantial edge in an economic downturn. Consumers appreciate the great value for the reasonable money, and these ranges play a key role enabling the stores that sell them to stand out and attract shoppers.

The Casino brand is France’s best-selling private label today in terms of penetration rates (own-brand sales relative to total store sales).

But it is not the only own brand in the Group’s portfolio. The Group is harnessing its expertise and innovative flair in every country hosting its store, to create and develop brands around one single principle: wholesome, flavorful food, at a nice price, fine-tuned to local consumers’ wants and needs.

Well-positioned brands

The Casino Group’s portfolio comprises brands that have built strong identities and solid positions in their markets. They span several categories, covering the full range of customer requirements – including the most specific ones – in France and on international markets:


  • Casino
  • Éxito
  • Carulla
  • Qualitá
  • Monoprix


  • Casino Bio
  • Monoprix Bio
  • Leader Price Bio

Health & wellness

  • Casino Bien pour Vous
  • Monoprix Bien Vivre
  • Taeq
Gourmet treats

  • Casino Délices/Désirs
  • Monoprix Gourmet
  • Leader Price Sélection de nos régions
  • Carulla Gourmet
  • Excelenze


  • Leader Price Kids
  • Qualitá Kids
  • Carulla Kids
  • Troop X

Discount & budget 

  • Tous les jours
  • Leader Price
  • Wow
  • Happy Bath
  • Ekono


  • Tout Simplement…
  • Boutchou
  • Autre ton
  • Arkitect
  • Bronzini
  • Poprose

Fair trade

  • Caras do Brasil
  • Leader Price Equitable
  • Casino Fairtrade Max Havelaar

Sustainable farming

  • Terre & Saveur
  • Club des sommeliers

This list is not exhaustive