Auchan Retail and Casino Group enter into exclusive talks to build a global strategic partnership for their food and non-food purchases

Auchan Retail and Casino Group announce that they have entered into exclusive talks to build, in compliance with competition rules, a strategic partnership enabling them to jointly negotiate their purchases in France and abroad with their main multi-national food and non-food suppliers.

This ambitious partnership will give precedence to subsidiary contracts (suppliers/producers/distributors), while fuelling the development of certain French suppliers in countries covered by both retailers (Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Asia).

This partnership will be in perfect harmony with the commitments undertaken by both Groups in the context of the recent France’s Estates General of Food (les Etats Généraux de l’Alimentation). It will not extend to traditional fresh products from farming or fishing or French-brand products developed by SMEs or ISEs.

Thus, in today’s environment, with central purchasing divisions being restructured and new players emerging on the retail market, this strategic partnership would exclusively cover major national or international manufacturers in the food and non-food industries.

Furthermore, Auchan Retail and Casino Group will offer their current partners in procurement to join this new dynamic, it being stipulated that Casino Group and Intermarché have now terminated their procurement cooperation agreements in France, by mutual agreement.

Auchan Retail and Casino Group remind that they share the same vision and culture of supplier relations and that, on this basis, this new alliance would value the interests of all stakeholders: consumers, farmers and manufacturers alike.