Press - Finance

27 August 2019

Casino takes note of the positive recommendation by Éxito’s Audit and Risk Committee on Casino’s proposal to acquire Éxito’s 50% stake in Segisor and the decision of Éxito’s Board of Directors to summon an extraordinary shareholders meeting

20 August 2019

The Casino Group completes its strategic plan and accelerates its execution in order to focus its development on buoyant segments, adapted to market changes. In this context, the Board of Directors approved new asset arbitrations, in France, for a target amount of €2 billion by the end of the first quarter of 2021

19 August 2019

Casino Board of Directors decides on a final amendment to its offer to acquire Éxito’s 50% of Segisor

25 July 2019

First-half 2019 results and second quarter 2019 net sales

25 July 2019

Casino Board of Directors decides on the proposal of GPA to launch an OPA on Éxito

24 July 2019

Signing of purchase pledges for the sale of three Géant Casino hypermarkets for €42 million

22 July 2019

Casino Group has signed an agreement with GBH to sell its subsidiary Vindémia, the leading retailer in the Indian Ocean, for 219 million euros

7 June 2019

Signing of unilateral purchase commitments to sell 1 Géant Casino hypermarket, 4 Casino Supermarkets and 1 Leader Price

29 May 2019

Casino Group has completed the sale of 3 hypermarkets to Leclerc members and received 38 million euros

28 May 2019

Casino Group announces that it will not pay an interim dividend in 2019