Ethics & compliance

Ethical values are at the core of Casino Group’s strategy and development.

As a Group, we believe that acting with integrity, fairness and honesty is the key to lasting success.

On top of the 9 principles of the Ethics Charter, a Code of Ethics and Conduct during their daily activities.

Each staff member is expected to act in accordance with these rules and regulations, with loyalty and honesty as well as an exemplary professional behaviour.

The Group’s Ethics Committee, in charge of discussing and introducing ethical matters, ensures that these values are taken into consideration in all decisions by local managers. Its missions mainly consist in:

  • Defining the framework of ethical regulations and subsequent procedures,
  • Promoting, raising awareness and implementing ethical values within the Group, especially as regards the fight against corruption,
  • Ensuring the creation of a network of compliance officers within the Group,
  • Putting in place training initiatives and raising awareness thanks to the actions of operating bodies.

The Chief Compliance Officer, the network of compliance officers appointed by French entities, as well as the various Ethical Committees set up by foreign entities are active participants in this process.

Each staff member of the Group is expected to abide by the rules set out in the Code of Ethics and Conduct and must be vigilant as regards these matters.

Conflicts of interest

All staff members must fulfill their responsibilities in good faith and with loyalty towards the Group. They must prevent any situation where a conflict of interest may arise.

The fight against corruption and influence peddling

The Group condemns corruption of any kind and ensures that all staff members are fully involved in this matter. The Group is committed to strictly respecting the regulations in force as regards the fight against corruption in France and in countries where they work. We will also deploy an improvement plan for the detection and prevention of corruption risks and punish any wrongful or non-compliant practices. As part of their mission, the Group’s Ethics Committee and the Chief Compliance Officer ensure the implementation and the accurate enforcement of various measures for the fight against corruption in accordance with legal requirements.

Respect of the free market

The Group condemns any practice which may impede competition.

Information confidentiality

Non-public confidential or sensitive information of any nature and in any form, must be protected, even in the absence of a formal obligation of confidentiality or secrecy, may it be information relating to the Group, its staff members or third parties (including partners, customers, suppliers, service providers)

Personal Data protection

The Group is concerned with respecting the private lives of its staff members and third parties with whom it is working (customers, providers, etc.), as well as the protection of personal data. This data must be used with loyalty and with a particular aim, which must be precise, clear and legitimate and it should only be kept for a set duration and for a defined purpose.

Respect and protection of the Group’s assets

Each staff member commits to protecting the Group’s tangible and intangible assets and, for this purpose, to making sure that no asset may be damaged, stolen, used or destroyed in an inappropriate manner. Each staff member must use the Group’s assets in accordance with their professional responsibilities, laws and regulations, charters and procedures in force within the Group.

Accuracy and reliability of business and financial data

The Group must have accurate business and financial data. Books and registers for each entity of the Group must be kept so that they accurately report all operations taking place in the most detailed manner. Checks and approval processes must be systematically implemented.

It is the responsibility of each staff member to make sure that all financial and business reports, as well as any information in any form regarding the data collected, is accurate, reliable and comprehensive. All information relating to payments made or received by any entity of the Group must be disclosed and stored with the utmost precision and in accordance with the applicable law.

Prevention and whistle-blowing

In order to uncover and prevent any risk of non-compliance, staff members of the Group can contact their Compliance Officer and follow the confidential whistle-blowing procedures put in place by the entities of the Group.

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