Press - Corporate

6 July 2023

Casino Group signs new agreements to install EV charging stations across its whole store pool (in eligible stores) by 2024

30 June 2023

Partnership proposal between Casino group and Prosol

8 June 2023

Press release concerning discussions between TERACT and Casino Group

26 May 2023

Groupement Les Mousquetaires and Casino group sign a protocol to extend the scope of their partnerships and optimize their respective networks

10 May 2023

Casino General Meeting of 10 May 2023: Summary report and Casino Group reaction to market rumors

24 April 2023

Proposal by EP Global Commerce a.s. for capital increases for an aggregate amount of EUR 1.1 billion

24 April 2023

Groupement Les Mousquetaires, TERACT and Casino Group are in exclusive discussions to further develop their industrial and purchasing partnerships and optimise their respective networks

5 April 2023

Appointment of Magali Daubinet-Salen as Chief Executive Officer of Casino Banners

9 March 2023

TERACT and Casino Group sign an exclusive agreement to create the French leader in responsible and sustainable retail activities