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In France, Personal Data Protection is regulated by the General Data Protection Regulation of 27th April 2016 (better known under the name RGPD) and by the IT and Freedom Act of 6th January 1978 (amended).

The Casino, Guichard-Perrachon Company (hereafter “we”), is a public limited company with a Board of Directors, a share capital of 165,892,131.90€, registered in the Saint-Etienne Trade and Companies under number 554 501 171, with its headquarters located 1 Cours Antoine Guichard – 42000 Saint-Etienne.

As we are in charge of dealing with all data, we are very mindful of Data protection for all our customers and potential customers (hereafter “you”), whose data we may handle for business purposes. This is the reason why we are committed to respecting the essential principles applicable to Personal Data Protection.

For this reason, we wish to share in this policy the way we handle cookies on our site We also wish to inform you on the different options offered to manage your preferences as regards cookies.

1/ What is a cookie ?

A cookie can be defined as a tracker or connexion marker, installed, registered and/or read by the user’s web browser when they browse an internet site, download an app, use software or a mobile app.

There are 3 types of cookies:

  • the cookies “strictly necessary” for the operation of the website. They cannot be deactivated in our systems. These cookies do not store any personally identifying information.
  • the cookies for “technical use” (“essential”) improve the interactivity of the site, facilitate content sharing and usability ;
  • the cookies for audience measurement are used to determine the number of visits, to understand navigation and traffic sources, in order to measure and improve and optimize the experiences and performance of our website and web application. They also help us to identify the most / least visited pages and to assess how visitors navigate the site. If you do not accept these cookies, your user experience will not help improve the experience and performance of our site ;
  • the cookies for advertising or targeting record data that makes it possible to control the display of advertisements towards a particular Internet user. The deposit of these cookies requires the collection of your consent ;
  • the cookies for “social network” allow content to be shared to social networks. The deposit of these cookies requires the collection of your consent.

2/ What are the shared cookies?

The names of the cookies likely to be shared or read on your device, their purpose and the period for which they are kept are summarised here.

3/ On what occasion are cookies installed?

You are informed that, while visiting our websites and mobile apps, cookies can be installed on your devices (PC, tablet or smartphone). Also, cookies can be installed on your device via emails you receive or while downloading software or a mobile app.

These cookies can be installed by us as publisher of digital materials, or by third parties, which can act on our behalf as subcontractors or in their own interest.

4/ Comment paramétrer l’usage des cookies ?

You have access to cookie settings with the choice of accepting or refusing all or some of the cookies installed on our digital space. You can make your choice by:

  • either using the setting tool available at all times by clicking on  ;
  • or by pre-setting your web browser. To do this, each browser has its own particularities but settings are available via Help menus for each one. For instance :
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox

Note that we cannot guarantee the sustainability of these URLs, nor the quality of the information provided.

As regards mobile apps, emails and social networks, please look at the setting options on your account, as they may be different according to the platform or operator, but they enable you to control the personal data collected.

We also wish to draw your attention on the fact that deactivating certain types of cookies may bear consequences on the use of our services. As a matter of fact, refusing or restricting certain cookies can result in access limitation or restriction to a service, a page or content, or generally, a limited customer experience, which is characterised for example by the obligation of retyping many times the same information in boxes to fill in.

5/ Contacts

To find out more, and to exercise your rights, you can also read our Data Protection Policy available on our internet site.

Should you wish to make a complaint to a French monitoring entity, you must contact the Cnil.

You can also contact our Personal Data protection Officer (DPO) at the following address:

The current policy will be updated whenever necessary.

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