Casino Group

We are creating a new retail experience for you

2020 reminded us that retail plays a crucial role in society. 

Retailing obviously involves distributing safe, high-quality products, but it also means welcoming, connecting, serving, bringing together and even reassuring people. 

Since 1898, Casino Group has developed and enhanced its banners in France and Latin America, in an effort to satisfy all consumer expectations. 

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Today, to effectively meet these expectations, we pool the talents of our 205,000 employees to achieve a shared ambition. It’s a question of being fully aware of our purpose and making it a source of pride, this spirit of responsibility is our signature. It also requires us to look further ahead and to build a retail model that combines personalisation with digitalisation, while generating sustainable growth.

We are constantly reinventing our retail model to deliver an experience that reflects our customers, their unique aspirations and their rich diversity.