Promoting Diversity

Committed for the past 27 years towards promoting Diversity and fighting all forms of discrimination, Casino Group is convinced that the diversity of its staff is an asset for each and everyone of us as well as a source of performance for the company.

Casino Group’s signature "Nourishing a world of diversity" is therefore a reminder of the commitment towards keeping Diversity alive in all its forms: diversity as regards store formats, diversity of products, diversity in suppliers but also diversity among staff.

As the first Retailer to have obtained the Diversity Award and the Award for Professional Equality, Casino Group wishes to share its actions to fight against discriminations.

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Casino Group has been a signatory to…


A convention with the City Ministry since 1993

This agreement aims at helping the professional integration of a priority public and especially neighbourhood residents.


The parenthood Charter since 2008

This Charter aims at promoting parenting in the company.

 The Diversity Charter since its creation in 2004

This Charter is opened for signature for any company, whatever its size. It prevents discriminations in employment.

The commitment Charter for valuing and promoting Civil service in companies since 2011

This Charter values skills acquired in Civil service with companies so that this experience can be perceived as an asset in professional life.

The Charter of commitment of companies for equal opportunities in education since 2007

This Charter aims at bringing closer schools – companies.

The LGBT Charter since 2013

This Charter fights against discrimination linked to sexual preferences.

The manifesto on the inclusion of people with disabilities in economic life at the initiative of Sophie CLUZEL signed in November 2019.

The commitments of Casino Group:

In Casino Group, everyone gets a chance. What counts are the skills of the employees, far more than what they may have done before.

The Group uses different tools to ensure a recruitment based only on skills and it makes available to recruiters a “Good practice guide for recruitment”, recommending the use of a recruitment grid based only on skills. It uses a Simulation Method for Recruitment (SMR) and has signed many partnerships, especially with Pôle Emploi, Missions locales or even Mozaik RH to diversify its recruitments.

Committed since 1995 towards the integration of workers with a disability, the Group confirmed again its commitment by signing in 2015 the ILO (International Labour Organization) Charter of the “Companies and Disability” global network.

Casino Group leads an assertive policy as regards disability with 3 objectives:

  • The recruitment and integration of workers with a disability: all positions are open to people with a disability; new staff are accompanied as soon as they are recruited (mentoring, workstation organizing…). Partnerships with major players in professional integration, training and education continue to be developed.
  • Training: partnership building with famous schools, universities and vocational training centres to train and professionalize people with a disability and enable them to access training courses adapted to the needs of the Group’s entities.
  • Retention in employment for people who declare a disability during their professional life : support with administrative procedures ; anticipation of impairment situations ; co-construction of professional projects ; technical and organisational planning ; accessibility to certain work areas and IT tools made available to staff.

Beyond the legal obligation, the Group has asserted many times its wish to sustain its commitment in favour of employees with a disability as proven by the signature of its 9th with unions on the employment of people with disabilities for the 2023-2025 period.

In 2022, Casino Group continued to welcome people with a disability and it counted 9133 employees with a disability among its staff.

Casino Group committed towards acting and communicating about the employment of workers with a disability thanks to: targeted actions such as EDEW (European Disability Employment Week); the Duo day, partnerships with Handi’chiens (Handi Dogs association) and the creation of managerial guides, practical fact sheets and e-learning training modules.

Casino Group is a signatory to the Manifesto for the integration of people with a disability in business life put forward by Sophie CLUZEL and signed in November 2019.

In 2013, Casino obtained the Professional Equality Award which was renewed in 2019.

Beyond the legal obligation, the Group has asserted many times its wish to sustain its commitment in favour of employees with a disability as proven by the signature of its 8th Handipacte agreement for the 2020-2022 period.

The Group’s commitments as regards professional equality are structured around 5 priority areas:

  • Equal wages,
  • Access to key positions for women,
  • The fight against sexism,
  • Parenthood,
  • Partnerships.

Six strategic indicators are consolidated each semester in the Gender Equality Scorecard of the Group by the HR Depts of each branch and presented to the governance, CSR and Executive committee of the Group.

The Group is a signatory to the Parenthood Charter implemented by the Monitoring Centre for time balance and parenthood in the workplace in order to raise awareness and create optimal conditions for employed parents.

The feminisation of key positions means controlling the presence of women in recruitment and talent pools where they have represented 50% of the profiles identified over the past few years.

In 2020, Casino Group obtained a grade of 91/100 on the Index of Professional Equality, an official certified measurement which is over the legal minimal grade by 15 points.

In 1993, the Group signed its first national commitment called “Entreprises et Quartiers” (Companies and Neighbourhoods) which got renewed in 2008, 2012, 2014 and 2018.

Casino Group is committed to recruiting each year over 800 workers living in sensitive Urban Zones. It also implements, every three years, tests requested in order to check that there are no discrepancies in the recruitment processes based on the supposed origin of the candidate.

In 2013, Casino Group signed the LGBT Commitment Charter. It aims at ensuring a non-discriminating environment for Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people. The Group watches out for equality of Rights and treatment between colleagues, whatever their sexual preferences may be.

Casino Group wished to offer a work environment based on the respect of differences and the living together in order to favour well-being and personal development.

Physical appearance is the second criteria mentioned by employees who say they have witnessed acts of discrimination, according to the barometer of the Commissioner for Human Rights in January 2014. If surveys and tests carried out in the past ten years show that this is a common discrimination criteria, this subject is seldom addressed in the workplace.

Physical appearance is therefore a stake in the workplace during recruitment and in business life on a daily basis.

The criteria of physical appearance is one of the 25 discrimination criteria recognised by Law. It is therefore integrated within the framework of the Policy for the promotion of Diversity and the fight against all types of discriminations.

The Group has implemented, since 2010, a guide designed for managers on the way to unite collective interest and the personal requests of staff as regards religious practices. It also provides elements relating to legal requirements, information to understand the different religious practices and examples of concrete situations.

France is a secular Republic: the Republic doesn’t recognise any religious cult. This principle of secularity translates into an obligation of neutrality for civil servants who cannot display their religious opinions in their position. In a private company, as reminded by the Law, the employer must make sure that no discrimination may arise because of the religious opinions of staff.

Casino Group wishes not only to respect the principles of non-discrimination linked to religious beliefs as defined by Law but also allow some arrangements compatible with running the company, living together and the safety of staff.

Casino Group wishes to offer a work environment based on the respect of differences, caring and team cohesion.

Casino implemented an agreement regarding knowledge transfer in order to boost employment within young people and seniors, as well as skill transfer and know-how. It employs over 2 200 alternants “students” and organises every year “the unmissable day for apprentices” in order to promote the role of mentors and apprentices. It is a partner with the organisation “Le Réseau” and “l’Institut de l’Engagement”. Within the Group, over 37% of the staff are under 30.

The Policy of Casino Group is based on a fundamental belief: stereotypes, in whichever way they are expressed, are at the root of all discriminations. Stereotypes are shared beliefs maintained on personal characteristics, personality traits or behaviours of the members of a group of people. They generalise and anchor a belief about them. They can therefore be applied to people belonging to the same generation, even though generations remain abstract categories which naturally gather very different individuals with their own characteristics.

205 000

staff members in Casino Group


of staff are under 30


of staff are over 50


of executives are women


of female executives in France


of recruitments in permanent contracts are dedicated to the youths

Over  3 300 people from underprivileged neighbourhoods recruited every year

Casino Group is the first retailer to have received both the Diversity and Professional Equality awards. Obtaining these awards requires the implementation of resolute actions at all levels within the company.

The Diversity Award obtained in 2009 and renewed
in 2012, 2016 and 2019

This certification was obtained after an AFNOR audit and awarded by an inter-ministerial commission. This award highlights the firm commitment of the company as regards equal opportunities, the prevention of Discriminations and the promotion of Diversity.

The Professional Equality Award between women and men obtained in 2013 and renewed in 2019

Awarded by a joint commission and steered by the Ministry of Women’s Rights in partnership with AFNOR, it highlights the company’s commitment towards Equality between women and men.

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