Cdiscount launches a DIY specialty website,

Cdiscount’s new speciality website is an online DIY store with a dedicated webzine.

Following the launch of and comptoirsanté.com, Cdiscount is continuing to diversify its offering with a new site dedicated to the DIY universe, driven by the ambition to provide beginning and experienced DIY enthusiasts with every possible, practical solution.

Covering every aspect of the home – tools & hardware, electrical, plumbing, kitchen, bath, paint & finishes, landscaping and gardening – more than 50,000 products are available either directly through the site or through partner vendors in the site’s marketplace.

The selection includes leading DIY brands such as Makita, Kärcher, Bosch, Black&Decker, Ryobi and Facom, and offers the best value for money in the market.  Backed by their industry-specific experience and uniquely shaped experience, Cdiscount’s buyers know how to identify the best bargains. Some 100,000 items will become rapidly available to shoppers as the site’s marketplace develops.

Like its older brother, the new website gives consumers access to a webzine full of advice and tips. Brico Mag contains a number of tutorials with step-by-step instructions for:

  • putting up a plasterboard partition;
  • servicing a water heater, insulating a ceiling;
  • replacing a window pane or unclogging a drain.

In addition, DIY enthusiasts will find shopping guides that provide critical information for finding what they need, whether a steam cleaner or high-pressure washer, electric or cordless power drill, synthetic or natural insulation, etc. leverages major synergies with Cdiscount for the benefit of its customers. For example, the site provides unrivalled delivery and payment options. Very soon, customers will be able to pay in four instalments by bankcard for purchases starting at €30.

Thanks to Cdiscount’s logistics platform, packages weighing less than 30 kg can be delivered to customer homes for a reasonable fee, and purchases of €25 or more can be delivered free of charge to one of the 15,000 pick-up locations in the network. Packages exceeding 30 kg can be collected by customers at one of the network’s 500 dedicated outlets.

Cdiscount will be launching five new speciality sites in 2015.