Animal welfare: Casino group and its subsidiary GPA strengthen their commitments in Brazil

Historical player on the market and retail leader in Brazil, GPA is strengthening its commitments to animal welfare. For Casino group and its subsidiaries in France and Latin America, animal welfare plays a key role in enabling everyone to better consume.

Back in 2017, GPA was the first Brazilian food retailer to sign a commitment on animal welfare in the egg chain, which established that by 2025, 100% of the eggs sold under its private-label brands will be cage-free eggs. The same year, it became the first retailer to launch a line of cage-free hen eggs under its private-label brands.

GPA is now going further by rising its target to all other brands sold at Extra and Pão de Açúcar stores. 100% of the eggs sold in both banners will consequently be sourced from cage-free hens by 2028.

Casino group subsidiary in Brazil has also strengthened its commitments on beef, pork and poultry sectors. Find all of its commitments on its website.