29 October 2020

Net sales and financial information – Q3 2020

10 September 2020

Casino Group announces the initiation of a study from GPA to spin-off Assaí in Brazil

21 August 2020

Casino Group announces the disposal of 5% of Mercialys equity

30 July 2020

First-half 2020 results and second quarter 2020 net sales

30 June 2020

Casino Group has finalised the sale to GBH of its subsidiary Vindémia, the leading retailer in the Indian Ocean

27 April 2020

Board of Directors’ press release

23 April 2020

Q1 2020 net sales

20 March 2020

Casino Group has signed an agreement with Aldi France for the sale of Leader Price stores and warehouses in mainland France, for 735 million euros

2 March 2020

Press Release regarding Casino Group’s reference shareholder