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24 July 2013

Casino finalizes the acquisition of Monoprix

Further to the approval of the French Competition Authority to take exclusive control of Monoprix Group, Casino finalized the acquisition of the remaining 50% of Monoprix held by a subsidiary of Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank through a temporary holding arrangement.

The price of € 1,175 Million was paid at the implementation of the temporary holding arrangement on April 5th, 2013. Monoprix is consequently fully consolidated by Casino from the 2nd quarter.


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12 July 2013

Casino presents the results of its second solicited test of its policy to combat discrimination

In 2007, Casino Group solicited a test to assess the influence of the recruitment criteria that it then had in place. The first results revealed differences in the way candidates were treated, depending on their hypothetical origins. The Group therefore put in place an action plan to reduce the risk of discrimination when hiring, and subsequently obtained Frances’s Diversity Label in 2009.

Four years later, Casino Group asked ISM Corum to again measure and assess its recruitment practices through a second solicited test, the specifications of which were very similar to that of 2007.

The new test showed that the risks of discrimination when hiring had fallen since 2007.

The results of the second testing exercise carried out by ISM Corum, summarised below, showed that significant progress had been made between 2007 and 2011.

The results of the second test were as follows:

  • For overall new hires, the difference in treatment of candidates seen in 2007 was down 19% in 2011, which ISM Corum described as a significant improvement in recruitment practices
  • The reduction in different treatment of candidates was even greater for employees hired to work in hypermarkets (down 38%), or when two CVs showed a beginner level (down 28%), or at “large” entities (down 47%), or at entities with long-standing employees (down 36%)
  • Lastly, as in 2007, for management positions, there was no significant difference in the treatment of candidates on the basis of their origins.

Casino Group is committed to continue and strengthen its actions to combat discrimination.

Casino Group has been committed since 1993 to combat all forms of exclusion and discrimination, and implements a diversity promotion policy that aims to encourage the recruitment of people from varied backgrounds and promote job equality and opportunities.

Casino Group was the first retail company to obtain France’s Diversity Label in 2009. The label was renewed in April 2012 for four years.

As part of its policy of combating all forms of discrimination, Casino Group commits to:

  • Raise awareness among its employees, through its network of 56 diversity correspondents

◦ In 2010–2011, more than 1,400 people received training in how to prevent discrimination
◦ 454 supervisory and management staff were made aware of disability issues through the Franchir le Cap du Handicap (See Beyond the Handicap) programme.

  • Recruit in areas that form part of France’s national urban policy for disadvantaged neighbourhoods

◦ In 2012, 850 people, 500 interns and 150 young work-study trainees will be hired by the Group under the National Corporate Commitment for jobs in priority neighbourhoods, signed on 27 February 2012
◦ In four years, the Group has hired 4,440 people, offered 2,547 training courses, and concluded 760 work-study contracts in neighbourhoods listed in the national urban policy.

  • Make more widespread use of the simulation recruitment method, in close partnership with the Pôle Emploi job centres. This guarantees that candidates are selected based on the skills they show in dealing with simulated situations

◦ Since 2008, 2,508 people have been hired using this method.

  • Pursue its efforts to diversify recruitment by putting in place partnerships

◦ For example, the convention signed with Acsé, the national agency for social cohesion and equal opportunity, in April 2012 to hire 500 apprentices at Casino
◦ Another example is the in-house Charter for “Service Civique” (Volunteer Civic Service) signed in March 2011.

  • Carry out audits of establishments using an internal assessment tool that checks that the Diversity Label guidelines are being applied

◦ More than 200 audits have been carried out since 1 January 2012 by the Diversity Correspondents.

  • Take its approach a step further by combating other forms of discrimination, in particular those relating to religious beliefs and sexual orientation

◦ A Guide to Religious Diversity was distributed in 2011 and a review on discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is currently under way.

A new testing procedure will be carried out in three years’ time to analyse the results of the measures being taken.

For Yves Desjacques, director of human resources of Casino Group, “This second solicited testing exercise has shown the progress we have made in reducing the risk of discrimination on the basis of origins in our recruitment practices. The momentum created by the Diversity Label obtained in 2009 enabled us to boost our action plans and policies in favour of diversity. However, we must remain vigilant and continue to hammer home the idea that hiring is based on skills and skills alone.”

* The discrimination tests involve sending in two fictitious candidatures for the same job. Both candidates have the same skills and professional experience and differ only in terms of their origins. Any eventual influence of the candidates’ origins on the recruiter’s choices can then be measured.

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10 July 2013

Casino received the approval of the French Competition Authority to take exclusive control of Monoprix

Casino Group received the approval of the French Competition Authority to take exclusive control of Monoprix Group, which constitutes the outcome of a strategy centered on the proximity format and initiated in 1996.

The authorization stipulates the disposal of 58 stores out of the entire network of Casino Group in France, for a total sales area of around 21 000 m², and does not impact any store under the Monoprix banner.

The total disposals amount to less than 1% of the turnover in France of Casino Group.

The authorization concludes a constructive dialogue with the Authority and allows Casino Group to carry on the development of Monoprix Group.


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4 July 2013

Signing of a five-year USD 1bn credit facility

Casino has announced today the signing of a 5-year confirmed credit facility for an amount of USD 1,000M (approx. EUR 770M) with a group of 10 international banks: JPMorgan and RBS (coordinating banks), Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Barclays, Citi, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs and Mizuho Bank.

This credit line refinances the existing 3-year USD 900M facility signed in August 2011. The increase in size and the maturity extension to 5 years strengthen the group’s liquidity and extend the average maturity of Casino’s confirmed lines from 1.8 years to 3 years.

This transaction gives the Group access to competitive financial resources with large international banks.




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10 June 2013

Mr. Ronaldo Iabrudi appointed as a director of Casino Group in Brazil

The executive will be the representative of the company in the country

Casino Group announces the hiring of Mr. Iabrudi to take the position as director and representative of the company in Brazil. In his position, Mr. Iabrudi will lead the institutional interaction between Casino Group and all its stakeholders.

With the hiring of a highly experienced executive such as Mr. Iabrudi, Casino Group reaffirms its commitment to Brazil and its local presence. It will allow Casino Group to further engage with the Brazilian business community and with public regulators, as well it will strengthen the relationship, the interaction and the interchange with Grupo Pão de Açúcar management team.

“The Brazilian market is a key driver for the present success and for the future of Casino Group. The arrival of Mr. Iabrudi reflects our commitment to reinforce our presence as the major local player and our willingness to strengthen our bonds with each and every important stakeholder in Brazil”, says Jean-Charles Naouri, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Casino Group.

Prior to accepting the invitation to join Casino Group in Brazil, Mr. Iabrudi has acted as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lupatech, Contax and Telemar Operadora and as Chief Executive Officer in many important companies such as Magnesita, Telemar and Ferrovia Centro Atlântica.

“Casino Group, through Grupo Pão de Açúcar, is a leading local player in the retail industry, and Brazil is a critical market for our growth prospects. The creation of a local structure to dialogue on a regular basis with local GPA management team and all stakeholders was a natural step to take”, says Mr. Iabrudi.

“Mr. Iabrudi is a major asset to our team. He will also strengthen by his presence Casino Group support to the outstanding team lead by Enéas Pestana”, says Arnaud Strasser, Casino Group’ International Director and Vice Chairman of the Board of GPA.



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27 May 2013

Green light from the French Antitrust Authority for the takeover of 38 convenience stores

The Casino Group announces that it has received green light from the French Antitrust Authority for the takeover of 38 convenience stores based in southeast France from the Norma Group, subject to the sale of the targeted store based in Charlieu (42).

The operation should come into force within the next weeks.

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18 May 2013

Death of Antoine Guichard

Jean-Charles Naouri, the Board of Directors and all Casino group’s employees are deeply saddened to learn of the death today of the Group’s honorary Chairman, Antoine Guichard.

The grandson of Casino’s founder, Geoffroy Guichard, Antoine Guichard was born on 21 October 1926 and devoted his entire working life to the company, which he joined in 1950.

Mr. Guichard was at the helm of the Group for four decades, guided by an inspired entrepreneurial vision and the continuous desire to ensure the company’s growth.

With unfailing determination he modernised the company while opening it up internationally.

In 1992 Mr. Guichard and Jean-Charles Naouri brought Casino and Rallye closer together in order to preserve the company’s independence and accelerate its growth.

Since 2005, when Jean-Charles Naouri became the Group’s Chairman and CEO, Mr. Guichard, by then honorary Chairman, had shown ceaseless devotion to the company and given its Chairman precious advice drawn from his exceptional experience.

Commenting, Mr. Naouri said: “The death of Antoine Guichard is an immense loss for Casino, and I have lost a friend. As soon as we met in 1992, a deep professional and intellectual relationship developed between us. From that moment on, Antoine Guichard was always close to the decisions I had to take for the Group’s development. His wise advice, his great humanity and his friendship will be irreplaceable.”

Mr. Naouri, the Board of Directors and all the Group’s employees express their deepest sympathy to the Guichard family.

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1 May 2013

Casino starts arbitration against Mr. Abilio Diniz on the conflict of interest issue

Casino submitted today a counter-claim against Abilio Dos Santos Diniz in an existing arbitration procedure.

Casino seeks among other things a declaration that Mr. Diniz’s election as Chairman of the Board of Brasil Foods S.A. (“BRF”), one of CBD’s largest suppliers, without resigning as Chairman of the CBD Board, conflicts with CBD’s interests in violation of Brazilian law and the shareholders’ agreements between the parties. Casino is also requesting confirmation that Casino may take steps to protect CBD’s interests in conformity with the shareholders’ agreement, without prejudice to any measure that may be taken by CBD in the meantime.

Casino’s decision to bring the matter to arbitration, as provided under the agreements with Mr. Diniz, results from Mr. Diniz’s refusal to resign from CBD’s Board despite repeated requests that he recognize the clear and permanent conflict resulting from his decision to serve as Chairman of both CBD and BRF.
Casino, CBD’s controlling and largest shareholder, intends to take all appropriate measures to protect CBD, its management, shareholders and other stakeholders from the conflict of interest created by Mr. Diniz.

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29 April 2013

Success of two bond issues for a total amount of 600 million euros

Casino announces the success today of two bond issues, for a total consideration of 600 million euros: 350 million euros will be added to the existing bonds due 2019 and 250 million euros will be added to the existing bonds due 2023. Following this transaction, the nominal amount of these two bonds will increase to 1 billion euros each.

This transaction, which strengthens the Group’s liquidity, extends the average maturity of the Casino’s bond debt to 5.4 years (vs. 5.1 years as of the end of January 2013).

The cost of these financing are the lowest ever achieved by the Group: 1.990% for the bond maturing in 2019 resulting for the first time in a cost below 2% and 2.788% for the 2023 maturity.

These two bond issues were significantly oversubscribed by a diversified investor base.

Casino is rated BBB- stable by Standard & Poor’s and Fitch Ratings.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch, BNP Paribas, Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank, Deutsche Bank ad JP Morgan acted as joint bookrunners.

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