Assaí installs the largest urban solar power plant in Brazil on its new store

On June 28th, 2017, Assaí, a subsidiary of group Casino in Brazil, has inaugurated a new store powered by solar energy near Brasilia. It is the biggest urban solar power plant in Brazil, with 3 000 solar panels installed on 8 000 square meters, on the roof of the store. This installation will allow Assaí to reduce its CO2 emissions by 3000 tons a year.

The Brazilian cash and carry banner Assaí has installed the biggest urban solar power plant in Brazil on the roof of its Goiâna store (located in the center of Brazil). Over 3 000 solar panels were installed on 8 000 square meters. The installation will produce over 40 % of the store’s total energy consumption. Depending on the amount of sunshine, the store can be supplied up to 100%. The solar panels should generate approximately 1 500 MWh a year.

This sustainable energy will allow the store to save over 3 000 tons of CO2 emissions a year, equivalent to planting 18 000 trees. As an example, the power plant could provide enough energy for 757 households to live on for a year or power all the lines of the São Paulo subway for a day.

It is the second  Assaí store equipped with such a device, the first one having been inaugurated in January, 2017. Another project is currently being examined for a store in São Paulo.

The solar panels were installed by GreenYellow, a subsidiary of group Casino. “Within 60 days, we were able to install the biggest urban solar energy solution in  Brazil. With this project, Assaí will benefit from a clean and sustainable energy for the next 25 years.” – said Pierre-Yves Mourgue, Managing director at GreenYellow Brazil.

Group Casino has commited to reducing  by  20 % the electric consumption per square meter of sales area by 2020 (reference year 2012).