Casino Group partners with start-up RedPill to form relevanC, a new data player in France

The Casino Group and start-up RedPill have partnered to launch their own start-up, relevanC. Aiming to provide advertisers with pertinent big data, the new company’s business model has the distinction of being based on consumers’ actual purchases rather than solely on their online behaviour.

With this alliance, the Casino Group intends to harvest the anonymised big data collected from its customers’ nearly 50 million profiles and enriched by the roughly 60 million transactions that take place every month in its various brick-and-mortar and e-commerce banners, including France’s leading non-food retailer, Cdiscount.

In concrete terms, relevanC provides advertisers, advertising agencies and market research firms with a platform of marketing solutions to enable them to more effectively understand, target and measure the performance of their campaigns in real time. The breadth and depth of the data mean that advertisers can connect with all customer types in a personalised and highly efficient way based on their actual shopping decisions. As a result, consumers will benefit from more targeted advertisements that are directly aligned with their expectations and buying behaviour.

Special attention has been paid to protecting customers’ personal data, with all profiles remaining anonymous. In addition, the relevanC solution is designed to anticipate forthcoming legislation, such as the European Union data protection regulation, but also to go the extra mile in certain areas by implementing a code of ethics.

Commenting on the announcement, Julien Lagubeau, Chief Operating Officer of the Casino Group, said: “Casino’s strategy is to identify and occupy new growth markets that are related to our core retailing business, as we have done in emerging economies, e‑commerce with Cdiscount, commercial real estate and energy. The creation of relevanC, a new, high‑potential digital data business, is fully in line with this goal.”

Marco Tinelli, Chairman of RelevanC, said: “By sending high-quality data directly from the check-out to a digital ecosystem, we have changed the game, breaking new ground in terms of the quantity, quality and freshness of information.”

Download October 11, 2017 Press Release