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Monoprix stops distributing paper catalogues

Monoprix is paving the way and deciding to rethink customer communication tools by integrating different factors: the needs of urban dwellers, the rise of the digital era and environmental stakes and impacts.

Preserving the environment and fulfilling the expectations of urban dwellers

Over 20 billion catalogues, brochures and paper flyers are distributed every year in France by the different brands and distributors. By getting rid of around 30 million units, which are equivalent to 2400 tons of paper, Monoprix wants to make its customer communication evolve by using more environment-friendly tools. Forest preservation, lesser water consumption and the decrease in transport and CO2 emissions are all good reasons which compelled the city brand to take this commitment.

A considerable reduction of the ecological impact

The ecological impact of the digital flyer is 14 times lower than the impact of paper. The digitizing of catalogues, as well as offering the right product, to the right person, at the right time, gives business a real environmental edge. Catalogues will from now on be accessible via the Monoprix & me mobile app but also via websites and apps from specialized partners.