The Casino Group is supporting diversity in sexual orientation and gender identity

In its commitment to eliminating all forms of discrimination, the Casino Group encourages and promotes diversity in every aspect of its business. In particular, the Group fights against bias and stereotypes related to sexual orientation and gender identity.

In 2013, it signed the LGBT Commitment Charter, which aims to ensure a discrimination-free environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

In so doing, the Group undertook to oppose all forms of discrimination, to brief and train management, to ensure all employees enjoy the same rights and treatment, and to track progress so as to improve the overall workplace environment.

In addition, the Group has published a practical guide, based on the findings of a survey of 500 employees. Entitled “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity: Best Practices in the Workplace", it explains certain behaviours and popular misconceptions and then presents the highly practical ways in which managers can respond effectively in a variety of situations.

For more information on the group’s to promote diversity ( commitments-2/capitalising- on-the- rich-diversity- of-our- workforce/)