Casino Group launches new service of ordering via WhatsApp : an exclusivity of the “Club Leader Price” in France

Since 19th January 2022, Club Leader Price customers can access a brand new and unique service in France of ordering via WhatsApp. A new sales channel that has also been developed by Grupo Éxito in Colombia.

Shopping with WhatsApp is now possible for Club Leader Price customers. A few days ago and for the first time in France, the club Leader Price ambassadors were able to test this new service. It relies on a chatbot, an artificial intelligence program, capable of chatting with users. Further ground-breaking innovation: the tool is connected to the payment solution of the Club Leader Price App. In the coming weeks, this chatbot will continually adapt to user’s behavior in order to improve itself and better simulate human conversations and therefore meeting more accurately the customer’s expectations.

Developed in collaboration with an Argentinian start-up and launched by Grupo Éxito in 2020, this WhatsApp chatbot is a great success in Colombia where it is now used by hundreds of thousands of customers to place their orders.

Convinced that food e-commerce should be simple, easy and accessible to everyone everywhere, this innovation blends in fully with Casino Group’s digital transformation process. And it perfectly combines with other novel solutions already deployed by the Group such as the pioneering Live Shopping experience which revolutionizes the e-commerce at Cdiscount, Monoprix and in the Casino banners.