At the Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards organised by the CIWF in London on 28 June, the Casino Group received an award for its commitment to improving the living standards of egg laying hens. The Monoprix banner was also recognised, taking home a Good Rabbit Commendation.

Each year, Compassion in World Farming (CIWF), the leading international organisation dedicated to the protection of farm animals, recognises Europe’s most proactive companies at its Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards ceremony.

This 29 June, the Casino Group is honoured to have received the prestigious Good Egg Award for 2017.

Last February, all Casino Group banners made the commitment to stop selling eggs from caged hens in their stores in France. This commitment is ambitious as it concerns both own-brand products and national brand products, right from 2020.

The Casino Group has been committed to improving the living standards of egg laying hens for several years now, earning pioneer status by making ambitious commitments as yet unrivalled in the industry. Through this commitment, the Casino Group seeks to emphasise the special attention it devotes to animal welfare.

The Casino Group received the award during CIWF’s Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards, which brought together major companies from France and other European countries to promote dialogue on the importance of animal welfare in the food industry.

In 2013, the Casino Group banner Monoprix was the first French retailer to win a CIWF award, receiving the Good Egg Commendation for its commitment to sell exclusively free-range eggs under its private label. Monoprix was once again recognised in 2014, this time with an Honourable Mention for its commitment to improving welfare standards for dairy cows.

In 2017, the Monoprix banner won yet another distinction, taking home a Good Rabbit Commendation.

At the event, Monoprix also received an award for its commitment to improving the living standards of rabbits. The banner’s pledge for 2022 is to sell private-label fresh rabbit meat exclusively sourced from animals raised in pastures or pens and without antibiotics from birth.

An animal welfare labelling project

This past May, a partnership agreement was signed by four parties, i.e., the Casino Group, La Fondation Droit Animal, Ethique et Sciences (LFDA), Compassion in World Farming France (CIWF France) and the non-profit organisation Œuvre d’Assistance aux Bêtes d’Abattoirs (OABA). This agreement marks the beginning of an ambitious collaborative project that notably seeks to develop labelling that will better inform consumers of the animal welfare status of products available in stores.