GreenYellow raises c. €200 million in financing to support its growth

A major player in the energy transition sector in France and abroad, GreenYellow continues to evolve towards an “infrastructure” model as an operator owning and operating its assets over the long term.

To support its evolution, GreenYellow has concluded two financing transactions for an aggregate amount of c. €200 million, of which:

  • €109 million in convertible bonds with warrants attached, with a 5-year maturity, subscribed by an institutional investor, Farallon Capital;
  • €87 million via a syndicated credit facility with a 1-year initial1 maturity with a pool of top-tier banks.

These operations demonstrate GreenYellow’s ability to accelerate its operator model and underscore the relevance of its decentralized, global energy platform in solar energy, energy efficiency and smart energy services.

“We are proud to see these financing transactions materialize with Farallon Capital and a pool of leading financial institutions. This confirms the strength of our platform, capable of capturing every opportunity related to energy transition. These financings will accelerate the deployment of our full growth potential and our transition to an “infrastructure” model to achieve our ambition of becoming a world leader in decentralized energy.”Otmane Hajji, President of GreenYellow.