Grupo Éxito and Casino Group lead the fight against child malnutrition in Colombia

For the third year in a row, Colombia is celebrating Childhood Nutrition Month. Intended to raise awareness of childhood malnutrition, the initiative was launched by Fundación Éxito and the UN World Food Programme, with the support, in particular, of the Office of the President of Colombia and a variety of NGOs. Grupo Éxito and its partners are committed to eradicating chronic malnutrition by 2030.

Since its creation in 1985, Fundación Éxito has been actively engaged in addressing children’s issues. It has gradually deployed highly effective expertise in the fight against childhood malnutrition, which has become a major economic challenge for the future of Colombia. To raise awareness of this scourge, three years ago the Fundación joined with the United Nations’ World Food Programme to launch the “Month of Nutrition” initiative as part of its “Gen Cero” programme, which is intended to eradicate chronic malnutrition among children under five by 2030. A variety of programme-related projects have been undertaken to improve nutrition in the first 1,000 days of a Colombian child’s life, so that all of them can be born and raised in equal conditions.

Today the Fundación’s national awareness campaign is being supported by a wide range of private and public sector stakeholders across the country, including the Office of the President of Colombia and a variety of non-governmental organisations.

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