More than 470,000 euros raised by Grupo Éxito and its foundation to fight child malnutrition

Grupo Éxito and its foundation Fundacion Éxito have just raised the equivalent of 470,000 euros thanks to a series of solidarity-based activities carried out in the retailer’s stores and thanks to the assistance of its 180 suppliers. 26,000 Colombian children have already benefited from this fund-raising campaign.

The “Mi Descuento – Nutre Vidas” campaign, launched in February, enabled Exito, Carulla, Surtimax and Super Inter banners to raise the very nice sum of 470,000 euros, which was donated to Fundacion Éxito. This solidarity initiative conducted by Grupo Éxito since 2013 is part of a wider national program led by the Colombian authorities and, in particular, the Presidency of the Republic , called GenCero (Generation Zero) which aims at eradicating child malnutrition by 2030.

The funds have already benefited 26,000 Colombian children who received food parcels containing products essential to their growth and health such as fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat and dairy products.