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Launch of the first new-generation “data center” in a Cdiscount warehouse

Casino Group and its partner Qarnot Computing started this week the implementation of their first “data center” within a Cdiscount warehouse. This new activity means extra income and energy savings.

Last December, Casino Group took the plunge into the Cloud Computing market with the creation of a joint venture with Qarnot Computing : Scale Max. The objective was to implement and use new-generation “data centers” within unused areas of warehouses and unused shop reserves.

This activity enables the Group to produce income and make savings, especially thanks to the rental of free spaces and the supply of the necessary electricity for the functioning of the servers. Moreoever, the installed servers generate heat which could be reused to heat up buildings. This green energy is managed by GreenYellow, the energy branch of Casino Group.

Casino Group and Qarnot Computing are considering opening a new “data center” in October 2019. The ambition was the opening of around 5 sites each year by 2023.